Growth Zone

The Growth Zone is a partnership between Central Government, Croydon Council, the Greater London Authority and Transport for London to finance and deliver a major regeneration programme, at a cost of £500m, which will facilitate growth in central Croydon.

Transport, health services, schools, public realm and technology are all part of projects designed to support regeneration and the needs of Croydon’s rapidly growing population, while ensuring the town centre continues to thrive and be enjoyed during the works.

Smart city

Croydon’s ambition is to become a world-class digital and smart city. Improving Croydon’s digital infrastructure, providing ultra-fast broadband and mobile connectivity are key priorities for the Council to support growth and create the conditions for sustainability and innovation whilst getting ready for the future and stimulating further private and public investment.
Croydon Council is working with digital infrastructure providers to ensure that it has the right infrastructure to support the economy and the needs of businesses wanting to relocate to Croydon.

Travel & Transport

attractive and safe open spaces for the community to enjoy creating huge improvements to Croydon streets, providing significant improvements for people walking and cycling, leading to a healthy and clean environment.

  • Croydon Council will make roads safer for both pedestrians and cyclists, making Croydon one of the most sustainable and ‘liveable’ places to get around by all modes of transport.
  • Many improvements are already in place, with more to come. New buildings will have facilities for cycling parking as well as cycles for hire schemes in Croydon, along with charging points for electric and car club vehicles.
  • Improvements to the tram and bus network are also planned.

Social Infrastructure

With all of the great change happening within the borough, we know more people are going to be visiting, working and wanting to live in Croydon. That’s why we are working with partners to make sure the local services and facilities that contribute to the quality of our lives are able to cope with the increased demand. Areas that will see improvement in order to cater for increased need include health, education, community, cultural, play and recreation facilities.


The Council is developing a district heating plant in the town centre which can provide heat and power locally, potentially reducing the cost and carbon emissions from energy production.

Public Realm and Culture

A number of new public realm schemes are planned for Croydon’s town centre to create a more attractive place where people want to live, work and enjoy. These projects build on a decade of work to transform Croydon’s central public spaces.

Croydon is also bidding to become the London Borough of Culture in 2019 and if successful will see a programme of cultural events and projects attracting more people to the borough.