What Is The Poem London About?

‘London’ is a poem about the evil consequences of the Industrial Revolution. It is set in London, at night. The poet identifies with the speaker and he uses the first person pronoun ‘I’. He is there, in the city, and he perceives the scene through his senses, mainly sight and hearing.

What is the poem London by William Blake about?

‘London’ by William Blake is a dark and dreary poem in which the speaker describes the difficulties of life in London through the structure of a walk. The speaker travels to the River Thames and looks around him. He takes note of the resigned faces of his fellow Londoners.

What is the poem London by Samuel Johnson about?

London is a poem by Samuel Johnson, produced shortly after he moved to London. Written in 1738, it was his first major published work. The poem in 263 lines imitates Juvenal’s Third Satire, expressed by the character of Thales as he decides to leave London for Wales.

What happens in the final stanza of the poem London?

While fighting, they get wounded and blood oozes out of their bodies. They are also unable to revolt against the system. In the final stanza, the poet talks about another important section of poor class i.e. the prostitutes. And this stanza sums up the whole cycle which was going on in London.

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Why did Johnson dislike the poem London?

Johnson judged his own poem harshly; he revised it in 1748 and came to depreciate the genre of poetic imitations of which London was an example. Another aspect of the poem that Johnson disliked in his later years was the pastoral bias of the poem, to prefer the countryside to the city.

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