Which Borough Is Teddington In?

What council does Teddington come under?

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

What county is Teddington in?

London borough Richmond
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

Is Teddington posh?

Teddington and Strawberry Hill are much smaller areas than Kingston, and more homogenous. They are very affluent, good schools, low crime etc. Kingston covers a much larger area and is more mixed. There are very posh bits and not so posh bits.

What celebrities live in Kingston upon Thames?

Famous residents of Kingston, Surbiton and the local area

  • Joe Cole: Born in Kingston, Joe is best known for roles in Skins and Peaky Blinders.
  • John Inverdale: Broadcaster lives in Kingston.
  • Stormzy: Somewhere near Coombe Hill.
  • Jacqueline Wilson: Children’s writer.
  • Sir Terence Conran: Designer, writer, retailer and restaurateur was born in Kingston in 1931.

How far is Kingston from London?

The distance between London and Kingston is 10 miles.

Is Twickenham a nice area?

Where is Twickenham and is it a Good Place to Live? Living in Twickenham is considered highly desirable and house prices are high. At our end of town we’re closer to Richmond Upon Thames than Twickenham town centre. We can walk here, to up-market Richmond, within 5 minutes.

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What is Twickenham famous for?

Twickenham has an extensive town centre and is famous for being the home of rugby union in England, with hundreds of thousands of spectators visiting Twickenham Stadium, the world’s largest rugby stadium, each year.

Is Teddington a good place to live?

Teddington has been crowned the best place to live in London, according to The Sunday Times Best Places to Live guide released this morning. Richmond followed Teddington as the regional winner, but Stroud in Gloucestershire topped the list of all 78 areas assessed for the best place to live in the UK.

What was filmed at Teddington Lock?

These include all of Tommy Cooper’s shows produced by Thames Television (1973-1980), The Sooty Show, George and Mildred, Man About the House and long-running light entertainment series such as This is Your Life and Opportunity Knocks.

Is Teddington safe?

It’s easy to take the train up to central London from Teddington Station. There’s so much to enjoy and see locally with an abundance of scenic attractions in and surrounding this popular destination. We have many families living in the area. It’s a very safe and friendly place.

Is Kingston London posh?

Just over a mile south of Richmond, Kingston upon Thames also ranks within the safest areas of London. As a bustling town in its own right, Kingston offers plenty of shops and restaurants, a busy riverside and a notable theatre. Check out our secret guide to Kingston upon Thames here.

How far is Teddington from central London?

The distance between London and Teddington is 11 miles.

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Is Kingston upon Thames posh?

You wouldn’t expect to find homelessness and knife crime in the Royal Borough of Kingston – Upon – Thames. It is usually seen as a posh and affluent area, but amongst the swanky riverside terraces pockets of poverty also exist.

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