What Time Do Shops Shut In Bromley Today?

What shops are in Bromley shopping Centre?

Major stores within the centre include Marks & Spencer (also opening onto Bromley High Street), Debenhams, Boots, Waterstones, Zara, H&M, David Clulow, Game, Disney Store, New Look, Superdrug, Apple Store, Claire’s, Jack Wills and Tessuti. In all, there are 135 stores within The Glades.

When did Primark open in Bromley?

13 Oct2016 Bromley – our first store in UK Primark We are enormously proud of this achievement, which marks a high point for all associated with Insomnia, when you look back through the history and where we started – in a Galway bookstore almost two decades ago, back in 1997.

Are the toilets open in the Glades Bromley?

Our Shopmobility & Guest Service Desk will be closed. Toilet facilities will remain available within the centre, however please note that the Southern toilets will be closed.

Why is Bromley in Kent?

Bromley was indeed once part of Kent. But that changed in 1965. Now, the reality is that the borough of Bromley was swallowed up by the expansion of Greater London 54 years ago. So, officially, Bromley is in south-east London.

What is open at Bluewater?

Smile Tech Fully Open. Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10am to 7pm.Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 9pm. Saturday 9am to 7pm. Sunday 11am to 5pm.
Superdrug Open. Mon – Sat 10am to 6pm. Sunday 11am to 5pm.
Sweets from Heaven Click & Collect* only. Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm.
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Does Bluewater have Primark?

At Bluewater Shopping Centre, Primark was the first port of call for many in need of some retail therapy.

How much is parking in Bromley?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
South Street (W/E only) London Borough of Bromley £1.20 / hour
The Hill London Borough of Bromley £1.20 / hour
Civic Centre multi-storey car park London Borough of Bromley £1.20 / hour
Bromley Station Road ( Bromley North / Town Centre) car park London Borough of Bromley £1.20 / hour

Is Bromley a rich area?

Bromley – It the head town of Bromley borough which is home to Intu shopping centre, a huge mall of everyone’s favourite high street shops and is a relatively affluent area.

Is Bromley posh?

Bromley is regarded as one of London’s safer boroughs and although (like any large area), crime does exist, the area is well policed. On the whole, the residents of Bromley feel happy and secure.

Is Bromley classed as London or Kent?

Bromley is historically a market town, and used to be an ancient parish in the county of Kent. But its population grew and became a significant commercial district outside of central London, and then formed part of Greater London in 1965.

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