What Area Of London Is Limehouse?

Where in London is Limehouse?

Limehouse is a district in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. It is 3.9 miles (6.3 km) east of Charing Cross, on the northern bank of the River Thames.

Is Limehouse a nice area?

Limehouse NEIGHBORHOOD GUIDE A chilled out neighborhood on the water with serious literary history. Limehouse has a below average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for London.

Why is it called Limehouse?

Limehouse takes its name from the limekilns that operated from the mid-14th century, converting Kentish chalk into quicklime for the capital’s building industry. From the late 16th century ships were built at Limehouse and traders supplied provisions for voyages.

Is Cubitt Town safe?

For the most part, the area is safe though there are some parts that experience crime. The appeal of Cubitt Town is its relative affordability for housing. Cubitt Town is bordered on the north by Blackwall, on the east by Thames, and on the south and west by Millwall.

Who is the killer in the Limehouse Golem?

A lot of people get knocked off in The Limehouse Golem. But in the role of an irresistible newcomer, Olivia Cooke is the one who kills it.

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What areas are in Tower Hamlets?

(mid-2019 est.) The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London borough located in East London; it covers much of the traditional East End. These are:

  • Bethnal Green.
  • Blackwall and Cubitt Town.
  • Bow East.
  • Bow West.
  • Bromley North.
  • Bromley South.
  • Canary Wharf.
  • Island Gardens.

Is Stepney Green a nice area?

Stepney Green is perhaps slightly more residential than other prominent East London areas, such as Shoreditch. And it’s those residential settings that give a strong sense of community that has plenty of fun places to eat, shops to browse and places to discover.

Is Shadwell safe?

Shadwell has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

Is Wapping safe?

So the answer is a definitive yes: Wapping Lane is a safe place to live. Crime rates are low, the police force is strong, and the vibrant cultural appeal of the district contributes to a vibrant and happy atmosphere. All in all, a w-h-apping great place to live.

What is the most dangerous part of London?

Crime numbers in each borough: When the population of a borough is considered the borough with the highest rate of crime per person remains Westminster with 192.8 crimes for every 1,000 people, second highest is Kensington and Chelsea ((112.7 per 1,000 people) and third Camden (117 per 1,000 people).

Is East London dangerous?

The home of East London’s famous antique market was joint first when it came to violent crime rates in the borough. There were 913 violent crimes reported in Spitalfields and Banglatown in just one year. In November 2018 there were a worrying 66 reported violent and sexual crimes there.

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Is Limehouse Link open?

The Limehouse Link Tunnel is currently being closed 5 nights a week between 22.00 and 05.00 hours for the installation of a public address loudspeaker system that will enhance public safety in the tunnel in the event of incidents or emergencies.

Is East London posh?

Every area in London has wealthy, picturesque streets right next to pockets of deprivation. Zone 1 West London is posh and expensive, as is Zone 1 east to be fair. Zone 4/5 West London is places like Hounslow though.

Is East London poor?

We have many perceptions of the East End in Britain. This has, historically, been one of the poorest areas of London but it is also the hub of much of the city’s profits and industry.

Is Mile End a nice place to live?

Living in Mile End: An Up-and-Coming East London District. Young professionals love living in Mile End for its vibrant atmosphere and buzzy neighbourhood settings. The E9 postcode is a more affordable alternative to Shoreditch and Hoxton and offers an abundance of East London charm.

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