Sutton Park How Big?

How many gates does Sutton Park have?

Sutton Park has six vehicle entrances, as shown. Parking is available near each entrance, although there is limited space at Four Oaks Gate, Hartopp Gate and Streetly Gate. However, there are more parking spaces further in.

How many hectares is Sutton Park?

Sutton Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United Kingdom. The park covers more than 2,400 acres (970 ha) according to one source, or 2,200 acres (900 ha) according to another.

How many lakes does Sutton Park have?

Sutton Park has seven lakes, and thousands of anglers fish there every year.

What is the perimeter of Sutton Park?

The park has a circumference of 7 miles and consists of heathland.

Is Sutton Park free?

City council officers have confirmed that entrance to the park will remain free, and that it is only parking of a car or van that will now be charged.

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Is parking free at Sutton Park?

Car parks are marked on the Sutton Park map. There is a charge for the car parks from Easter until September, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays. At other times parking is free.

Can I fly a drone in Sutton Park?

You are right that Sutton Park is 1/2 Class D airspace but the CAA rules are: Drones <7kg are OK as long as you fly safely - largely considered by the CAA to be visual contact with drone at less than 400ft and if you think your activities might interfere with ATC operations you should call them for clearance.

Can you swim in Sutton Park?

The pool dates back to the 15th century and was formed by the damming of a stream. Keeper’s Pool is approximately 2 acres (0.8 hectares) in size and contains Perch and Roach; angling is permitted in the pool. There was formerly an outdoor swimming lido, built in 1887.

What animals live in Sutton Park?

Among the most likely mammals to be seen in woodland, are Grey Squirrels and Hedgehogs which are quite common in Sutton Park. Carnivores such as Foxes, Stoats and Weasels are occasionally seen, and are partly responsible for keeping down the rodent population. Several species of shrews, voles and mice can be found.

What is Sutton Coldfield famous for?

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield has long been one of the most sought after suburbs in Birmingham. It has been named as the fourth least deprived area in the country, and often has some of the most expensive homes in the West Midlands going up for sale in the prestigious Four Oaks estate.

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Can you swim in Edgbaston Reservoir?

Edgbaston Reservoir – No Swimming – No Paddling – Danger Water – sign.

Why is Sutton Coldfield a royal town?

Sutton Coldfield became a Royal manor in 1489 and remained in the hands of the crown until 1528. Then Henry VIII granted the town its first Charter of Incorporation which decreed the village should forever be named the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

How many ponies does Sutton Park have?

There are now about 32 ponies, which originate from Exmoor and Dartmoor, at Sutton Park. Wild ponies were introduced at Sutton Park in 1999.

How do I get to Sutton Park?

Getting to Sutton Park The main entrance is Town Gate in Tudor Hill. The postcode for satnav users is B73 6BU. If using public transport, it’s a short walk to the main entrance at Town Gate from either the bus station in central Sutton Coldfield or the Sutton Coldfield rail station.

Is there deer in Sutton Park?

Although Bishop Vesey abolished the deer park as such in 1528, deer have returned to Sutton Park. However, these are not the medieval species but muntjac, originating from China, an exotic escapee from Woburn Abbey in 1900 which has become naturalised in Britain.

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