Readers ask: Who Was Croydon Tram Driver?

Who died in Croydon tram crash?

Dane Chinnery, 19, Dorota Rynkiewicz, 35, Mark Smith, 35, Philip Logan, 52, Philip Seary, 57, Donald Collett, 62, and Robert Huxley, 63, all sadly lost their lives.

When was the Croydon tram crash?

Croydon tram crash: New safety fears on network after three serious incidents inside three months. Safety levels on the service have been under intense scrutiny since this crash in November 2016 when seven passengers died and a further 62 people were injured in a derailment.

When did trams start in Croydon?

Trams in Croydon A bill put to Parliament in 1991 received Royal Assent on 21 July 1994. Following a competitive tender, consortium Tramtrack Croydon Limited (TCL) was awarded a 99-year concession to build and run the system in 1996. The Tram system opened in 2000.

What is tram driver?

Tram drivers operate trams along rails providing a transport service for passengers on specific routes within a town or city. They are responsible for the safety and comfort of their passengers.

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What happened to the driver of the Croydon tram crash?

The driver of a tram that crashed in Croydon and killed seven people will not face prosecution for manslaughter. The official report into the crash concluded Mr Dorris, then aged 42, probably dozed off moments before the tram left the tracks.

What caused the tram crash in Coronation Street?

The episode, the 7487th in the series, was written by Jan McVerry and produced by Phil Collinson for ITV Studios. An episode broadcast the preceding Monday showed a gas explosion in local bar The Joinery, causing a tram to crash from the viaduct into the Corner Shop and The Kabin opposite.

What happened to London’s trams?

During the closure cycle of London’s tram system, almost 100 of the most modern trams known as the “Feltham” class and dating from 1931 were withdrawn and sold to Leeds where they continued in service until the abandonment of that city’s trams in 1959.

What time is the first tram to Wimbledon?

Route From First Tram
2 Beckenham Junction 0720
2 Croydon (Centrale) 0652
3 Wimbledon 0719
3 Wimbledon 0719

How much is the Croydon tram?

Tramlink journeys cost just £1 with Oyster. New Deal and 16-17 holders pay 50p.

Are there trams in Croydon?

Croydon Trams The current tram system has been in operation since May 2000, although a service ran along the A23 until 1951. Croydon Trams has 39 stops along 27 kilometres (17 mi) of track. The system is operated by 23 Bombardier CR4000 and 12 Stadler Variobahn trams.

Why are there no trams in London?

The plans to remove trams from London had been mooted for years, but they were given a temporary reprieve by the outbreak of the second world war. Well, it was argued that trams caused traffic congestion; their fixed routes made it hard for other traffic to bypass them.

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Do you need a driving Licence to drive a tram?

You ‘ll usually need a driving licence to apply. Experience as a bus, coach or train driver would be useful but is not essential.

How long does it take to become a tram driver?

In NSW you must have at least 5 years of driving experience on a full licence. You must also have a clean driving history.

How much does a Metrolink driver earn?

According to the National Careers Service, the average starting salary for a tram driver is £16,000 – rising to £28,000 for experienced drivers and this will be higher with London weighting.

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