Readers ask: Where To Go In Camden At Night?

What is there to do in Camden tonight?

10 Cool Things to Do in Camden, London

  1. Explore Camden Market. World-famous Camden Market encompasses Camden Lock Market and Stable Market which, yes, used to be horse stables.
  2. Stroll along the canal.
  3. Visit the Jewish Museum.
  4. Pub it up.
  5. Hear some live music.
  6. Party Camden style.
  7. Camden Markets and Music Legends Tour.
  8. Do some people watching.

What is Camden famous for?

London’s Camden Town offers an eclectic mix of markets, cuisines and live music venues. Camden Town has been a residential area since the 1790s. But it was only the development of the Grand Union Canal and the improved railway transport that turned it into a bustling part of London.

What area of London has the best nightlife?

5 hottest nightlife spots in London

  • Disco bonanza – Soho. Soho is the centre of all nightlife in London both spiritually and geographically.
  • Down and dirty – Camden.
  • The cool kids – Shoreditch.
  • Made in Chelsea – Kensington to Putney Bridge.
  • A slice of history – Greenwich.
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What city has the best nightlife in UK?

Manchester has been named the best UK city for a night out in 2019, beating out the likes of Sheffield, London and Bristol for the top spot. In a survey conducted by Ideal Flatmate, over 1,000 British adults were asked to rank a host of areas across Britain, including which ones they thought had the best nightlife.

Is Camden still cool?

Camden is still cool to outsiders. Over the last few months, Camden Market has changed dramatically.

Is Camden safe?

Camden is perfectly safe and the media’s inflated crime rates and headlines are only as a result of the number of tourists in the area, which always results in a degree of petty crime.

Is Camden a nice place to live?

Camden is, without question, the best place to live in London. Not only is it a jewel in the capital’s tourist crown, but it’s unbeatable in its location, diversity and buzz.

Is Camden market open during lockdown?

What do you think of lockdown restrictions? Take our survey below. However there is some life still in the area. Along the canal, Camden Street Food Market remains open for business although some traders have doubts about how long it will remain so.

How far is Camden from London?

The distance between London and Camden Town is 2 miles. How do I travel from London to Camden Town without a car?

Which city has the best nightlife in the world?

20 Best Cities for Nightlife Around the World

  • Amsterdam. When it comes to nightlife, Amsterdam is best known for its Red Light District.
  • Paris. The City of Lights comes alive after hours.
  • Rome. Nightlife starts late in Rome—diners linger over meals until midnight, and clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning.
  • Las Vegas.
  • Chicago.
  • Los Angeles.
  • London.
  • Bangkok.
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What is the most exclusive club in London?

The best private members’ clubs in London

  • Annabel’s, Mayfair. This iconic club on Berkeley Square has always been known as the place to be see and seen (from supermodels to royalty).
  • 5 Hertford Street, Mayfair.
  • The Ned, Bank.
  • Albert’s at Beaufort House, Chelsea.
  • Ten Trinity Square, Tower Hill.
  • The Court, West End.
  • Soho House, Soho.
  • The AllBright, Fitzrovia.

What is the nightlife like in London?

London is famed for its nightlife, offering world-class London theatres, best clubs in the West End, an alternative Camden scene, cool nights out in Shoreditch and more. From evenings of comedy, theatre, music or a night out on the town, there are plenty of fun things to do in London at night.

What is the party capital of England?

COLCHESTER has been named the party capital of the UK as part of a new research study. Leading academic research firm Ivory Research analysed Instagram data as part of the study. The firm collected more than 100,000 posts from around the world, looking at the hashtags #worklife, #working #partytime and #partyhard.

Is Liverpool good for a night out?

The… Liverpool has a relatively small city centre which makes for an ideal night out with clubs and bars on every corner. There are a few areas to target primarily, from Concert Square’s in-your-face-beats to Seel Street’s laid-back indie vibe, there’s truly something for everyone.

Which university has best nightlife?

Which universities have the best nightlife?

  • University of Liverpool.
  • Liverpool John Moores University.
  • Newcastle University.
  • Northumbria University.
  • University of Strathclyde.

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