Readers ask: Where To Eat In Camden Market?

What is the best day to go to Camden Market?

Although the Camden Market is open 7 days a week you should consider carefully which day you choose for your visit. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days where a lot of stalls and shops are usually open. If you like to experience the lively hustle and bustle among like-minded people, you should choose the weekend.

What is Camden Market famous for?

Famed for their cosmopolitan image, products sold on the stalls include crafts, clothing, bric-a-brac, and fast food. It is the fourth-most popular visitor attraction in London, attracting approximately 250,000 people each week.

Is Camden Market cash only?

10 answers. The vast majority of the shops and a high proportion of the stalls take cards. There are also several free-to-use cash machines at the Market. Some of the bigger stalls and vendors accept credit cards but some of the smallest vendors may ask for cash only.

Where should I eat lunch in Camden?

The Best Places for Lunch in Camden Town

  • Mildreds Camden. One of London’s oldest meat-free mainstays, Mildreds has been serving vegetarian and vegan food in Soho for over 30 years and has since opened restaurants in Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.
  • Purezza.
  • The Mac Factory.
  • Hook Camden.
  • Magic Falafel.
  • Ma Petite Jamaica.
  • Kolkati.
  • The Cheese Bar.
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What do they sell at Camden Market?

  • Shawarma Bar. Kosher Lebanese wraps.
  • Traditional Camden Fish & Chips. English seafood at its best.
  • Original Salt Beef. New York deli classic.
  • Wok Boy. Wok n’ roll noodles.
  • Nata 28. Portuguese custard tarts and coffee.
  • Sweet Kitty. Feel the sugar rush.
  • Baladin Camden. Traditional Italian Cuisine.
  • Keff. Keff.

What can you buy in Camden Market?

Camden Market Highlights Not just limited to clothing, here you can also find food stalls offering food from all over the world, as well as handmade jewellery, second-hand clothing, books, and other random household items you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Is Camden Market Safe?

It’s very safe and assuming you’re not an idiot you’ll be more than fine there or anywhere else in the city of London really. Camden town is a tourist hotspot which inflates the crime statistics. Since tourists are often targets for scam artists, pickpockets and muggers.

What shops are in Camden Market?

Camden Town – Shopping

  • Camden Lock. Shopping Area.
  • Buck Street Market. Market.
  • Camden Market. Market.
  • The Camden Watch Company. Jewellery.
  • Chin Chin Labs. Food Shop.
  • The Cob Gallery. Art Exhibition.
  • Cyberdog. Fashion Shop.
  • Marine Ices. Food Shop.

Is Camden safe?

Camden is perfectly safe and the media’s inflated crime rates and headlines are only as a result of the number of tourists in the area, which always results in a degree of petty crime.

Is Camden Safe 2020?

The Effect of Crime on Camden Residents Thankfully, it’s not that bad. The crime rate is in line with what you’d expect from such a thriving part of the city, and London is very safe overall.

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What is the best day to visit Portobello Market?

The market only opens for the first half of the day on Thursdays with stalls closing around 1pm. Also, while Saturday is the best day to visit, it’s not especially wise to drop by at the back-end of the day because many of the stalls are either winding down or have already packed-up and departed.

Is Camden a nice part of London?

Camden is a mixed, colourful and vibrant part of North London in the NW1 and NW5 postcodes. Often associated with alternative culture, Camden Town is most known for its bustling markets, however the music venues, bars and pubs are all popular destinations for visitors to the capital and Londoners from across the city.

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