Readers ask: What Time Next Train From Greenwich To Plumstead?

What line is Plumstead station on?

Plumstead railway station serves the suburb of Plumstead, in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, east of Woolwich Arsenal. It is 10 miles 1 chain (16.1 km) measured from London Charing Cross. It is served by Southeastern. Plumstead is on the North Kent Line and was opened 10 years after the line opened on 16 July 1859.

What time is the first off peak train?

Exact Super Off-Peak train times can vary across routes and train companies, but they’re usually the least busy travel periods during the week. Super Off-Peak travel times are normally between around 10:00 to 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards Monday to Friday.

Does Plumstead station have barriers?

It has long been suspected that fare evasion on the line is high, with the next station along at Abbey Wood seeing an increase of over 50 per cent in counted passenger numbers after barriers were installed and staffed from first-to-last train.

What time is the next train from Barking to Tilbury?

Check out the next trains departing from Barking to Tilbury Town for Wednesday 31st Mar 2021. Barking to Tilbury Town timetable.

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Departs Arrives Duration
05:20 05:45 25m, direct
05:37 06:09 32m, direct
06:08 06:37 29m, direct
06:38 07:03 25m, direct

Is Plumstead safe?

Larger housing was constructed for wealthier residents near Plumstead Common. As mentioned above, Plumstead is a culturally diverse community. It is very laid-back, relatively safe and very close to other central areas of London.

What zone is Abbey Wood?

Abbey Wood railway station

Abbey Wood
Number of platforms 2
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 4
National Rail annual entry and exit

What time is off peak travel?

Peak fares – Monday to Friday (not on public holidays) between 06:30 and 09:30, and between 16:00 and 19:00. Off-peak fares – at all other times and if you travel from a station outside Zone 1 to a station in Zone 1 between 16:00 and 19:00, Monday to Friday.

What is an off peak day return ticket?

An Off – Peak Day Return ticket is the name for a cheaper day return ticket valid for travel to and from a destination on Off – Peak trains only. An Off – Peak day ticket is great for outer-city travel at a lower price than standard Return tickets.

Can you use an off peak ticket anytime?

You can travel Off – Peak on weekdays outside busy times. You can also use your Off – Peak train tickets to travel at any time on weekends and bank holidays. The times you can use your tickets vary, so use the journey planner to check for Off – Peak services.

What zone is Dartford?

Dartford entered the TfL zonal Oyster/contactless system on Sunday 6 September 2015, in Zone 8. Whilst season tickets, daily capping and contactless weekly capping are set at standard Zone 8 levels, single fares from Dartford are lower than “standard” Zone 8 fares.

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Which zone is Woolwich in?

In zoning it is the furthest DLR station — in Travelcard Zone 4. On the national network, it is 9 miles 32 chains (15.1 km) down from London Charing Cross.

What zone is London Bridge?

Zone 1 covers the West End, the Holborn district, Kensington, Paddington and the City of London, as well as Old Street, Angel, Pimlico, Tower Gateway, Aldgate East, Euston, Vauxhall, Elephant & Castle, Borough, London Bridge, Earl’s Court, Marylebone, Edgware Road, Lambeth North and Waterloo.

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