Readers ask: What Borough Is Moorfields Eye Hospital In?

What station is Moorfields Eye Hospital?

Northern Line (City branch) to Old Street station. Come out of subway 4 and follow the green painted line to the building. Moorgate (Northern, Hammersmith and City, Circle, Metropolitan), Barbican (Circle, Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan) and Angel (Northern) are about a 10 minute walk away.

How do I get to Moorfields?

Travel information

  1. Buses. Bus routes 21,43, 55, 76, 141, 205, 214, 243, 271 and 394 serve City Road and Old Street.
  2. Trains and tubes. The hospital is a five-minute walk from Old Street station on the Northern Line.
  3. Roads. Moorfields is on the A501, and is approximately 6.5 miles from junction one on the M1.

How do I get a referral to Moorfields Eye Hospital?

Referrals to the vitreo-retinal emergency (VRE) clinic To contact a VR doctor regarding patient referrals please call our main switchboard on 020 7253 3411 and ask for the VR doctor on call. All cases must be discussed with the VR service upon referral and must not be sent to the clinic without doing so.

When should you go to eye casualty?

Penetrating eye injury. Sudden, painful eye causing sickness and feeling unwell. A red, painful eye after surgery. Rapid loss of vision following corneal graft surgery.

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What is the best eye hospital in the UK?

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a leading provider of eye health services in the UK and a world-class centre of excellence for ophthalmic research and education.

What is Ophthalmology NHS?

Ophthalmologists are medically trained doctors who care for patients who have eye conditions. They manage those with acute and long term eye disease and treat patients of all ages.

What is RTT NHS?

RTT waiting time rights and pledges Patients have a legal right under the NHS Constitution to access services within maximum referral to treatment waiting times, or for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer them a range of alternative providers if this is not possible.

What is General Ophthalmology?

General ophthalmologists perform comprehensive eye examinations and surgical evaluations. General ophthalmologists are Eye MDs who provide a broad spectrum of eye care, from vision care (evaluating visual changes and prescribing glasses) to diagnosing and treating eye disease.

Should I go to A&E with something in my eye?

Immediate action required: Go to A&E or call 999 if: something has hit your eye at high speed – for example, while using power tools or mowing the lawn. there are any changes to your sight after an eye injury. you have a headache, high temperature or sensitivity to light.

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