Readers ask: What Borough Is Epping Forest In?

Is Epping a London borough?

The London borough of Epping Forest District incorporates some 889 streets. Epping Forest District at its widest point is 9.3 miles by 14 miles in length. These 889 streets are home to over 40 featured venues, which include 12 restaurants, 2 shops, 5 attractions, and 10 leisure venues.

Where is the Epping Forest located?

Epping Forest is a 2,400-hectare (5,900-acre) area of ancient woodland between Epping in Essex to the north, and Forest Gate in Greater London to the south, straddling the border between London and Essex. It is a former royal forest, and is managed by the City of London Corporation.

What London borough is Loughton in?

Loughton (/ˈlaʊtən/) is a town and civil parish in the Epping Forest District of Essex.

Loughton Location within Essex
Area 15.30 km2 (5.91 sq mi)
Population 31,106 (2011 Census)
• Density 2,033/km2 (5,270/sq mi)

What county is Epping Forest?

Epping Forest, district, administrative and historic county of Essex, England. It occupies the southwestern part of the county at the northeastern edge of Greater London.

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Is Epping a nice area?

Epping is 17 miles north-east of central London as the crow flies. Estate agent Martin Young, from the local branch of Mullucks, describes it as a very peaceful and pleasant place to live, with a strong local following. But it’s also popular with families moving out from north and east London.

How far is Epping Forest from London?

The distance between Epping Forest and central London is 13 miles.

Is Epping Forest dangerous?

Located in Essex, this ancient forest, most of which is designated as a site of specific interest, is home to deer, cattle, bats, adders and more, but it’s more likely to be the roads around Epping Forest that will be a danger to you, with one of its local roads being dubbed among the most dangerous in East England.

What is Epping famous for?

The town is known in some quarters for the Epping sausage, and, in the 18th and 19th centuries, for Epping butter.

Are there toilets in Epping Forest?

public toilets and baby changing facilities. a gift shop full of Forest -themed giftware for all ages.

Is Loughton a nice place to live?

Being a family area, Loughton has a lovely quiet feel to it and it’s a great place to work – the customers are so friendly and there’s a real sense of community too.” “There are large supermarkets, parks and of course, Epping Forest, so it’s perfect for people with children.

How old is Epping Forest?

Straddling the border between Greater London and Essex lies Epping Forest, a swathe of deciduous woodland measuring almost nine square miles. It is a designated ‘ancient woodland’, a legal term meaning that it has existed since at least the year 1600.

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Can I camp in Epping Forest?

With so much of the great outdoors to explore, camping is a popular choice and there are a number of sites close to Epping Forest and Lee Valley Park. Caravanning and motorhomes are well provided for as well.

Can you get lost in Epping Forest?

But it proved once again, that even what starts out as a simple walk in the woods can turn into a minor adventure as long as you manage to get lost.

What is the oldest tree in Epping Forest?

Epping Forest on Twitter: “One of the oldest trees in #EppingForest. Copparded beech tree, Lost Pond.

How many deer are in Epping Forest?

Deer in Epping Forest could be culled over the next five years to bring the numbers down to 150. The City of London Corporation is looking at bringing the numbers of deer down from an estimated 600 to 800 to a “more sustainable level” in the 8,000-acre wood which runs from Forest Gate to Epping.

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