Readers ask: What Borough Is Edgware Road In?

Which borough is Edgware in?

Edgware (/ˈɛdʒwɛər/) is a suburban town in north London, mostly in the London Borough of Barnet but with a small part falling in the London Borough of Harrow. Edgware is centred 9.5 miles (15.3 km) north-northwest of Charing Cross and has its own commercial centre.

What zone is Edgware Road?

Edgware Road is a London Underground station on the Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines, located on the corner of Chapel Street and Cabbell Street, within Travelcard zone 1.

Is Edgware posh?

Edgware is not the sexiest place in London you could choose to live (although locals claim it has its moments – see below), and yet it would not pretend to be.

Is Edgware Road dangerous?

At Edgware Road, 20 of the 55 recorded offences were violent or sexual in nature. The worst months for crime were February, September and November, each with eight offences. The next most dangerous station is Harrow& Wealdstone, with 1.89 crimes reported per 100,000 passengers.

What is Edgware famous for?

From trading to charcoal sellers, brewers, opticians, Colliers and tailors – Edgware became quite famous for its small market town. Now the people who used to pass by and stop at Edgware had more reasons to prolong their stay.

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How far is Edgware from central London?

How far is it from Edgware to London? The distance between Edgware and London is 10 miles. The road distance is 8.8 miles.

Why are there two Edgware Road tube stations?

Why are there two underground ( subway ) stations in London called Edgware Road? Both companies chose Edgware Road as the name for their respective stations because of its significance as a major NW London thoroughfare and they stuck, even after London Underground took over operation of the whole network in 1933.

Is Edgware Road congestion charge?

TfL had defined some free through routes, where drivers did not have to pay the charge. The main route was defined by the western boundary of the original zone Vauxhall Bridge Road, Grosvenor Place, Park Lane and Edgware Road, with some additions around Victoria.

Is Vauxhall station in congestion zone?

Nope. The zone doesn’t extend beyond Vauxhall at its most southernly point.

Is Colindale rough?

Colindale – 137 There were a terrifying 57 violent incidents reported in Colindale in January alone, making it the most reported type of crime in the area. There 41 reported thefts and 12 burglaries among other crimes.

Is Mill Hill Posh?

Mill Hill is a lively and affluent district located in the heart of the London borough of Barnet. It has a number of green spaces, a wealth of local shops, delis, cafes and restaurants, most of which are located in Mill Hill Broadway.

Is Colindale safe to live?

GPE aside, it’s a fairly safe place. Possibly something to do with the fact that you’ve got Colindale police station and Hendon police college 2 minutes from the tube station, so the area is normally pretty flush with old bill.

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Is Edgware Road safe at night?

The other thing to watch out for at the Oxford Street end of Edgware Road is pickpockets, who feed off distracted tourists. Yes, safety should not be a problem. London is one of the safest large cities in the world, and there are few if any areas that one should not venture at any ordinary time (including after dark).

What borough is Marylebone in?

Saint Marylebone, also called Marylebone, neighbourhood of the City of Westminster, London. Formerly (until 1965) part of the metropolitan borough of St. Marylebone, it is located to the south and west of Regent’s Park and north of Mayfair.

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