Readers ask: How To Transfer To Another Council Borough?

Can I move from one housing association to another?

Housing Moves is the Mayor of London’s scheme which helps social tenants in London relocate to other parts of the capital. All council tenants and housing association tenants can apply for this scheme as long as they have a secure or assured tenancy. To find out more visit the Housing Moves website.

Can I apply to a different council for housing?

You can apply to more than one council. You can be on several lists at the same time if you qualify. Waiting lists may be shorter in areas with less demand. Some councils give more priority to people with a local connection to the area.

Can tenancy be transferred?

As per the Indian tenancy law, a tenant has the right to transfer his tenancy to a new tenant, provided he incorporates an explicit tenant transfer clause in the rent agreement. By nature, a rent agreement is a legal binding on the tenant and violating it implies a substantial compensation to the landlord.

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Can the Council relocate me?

You can apply for a transfer if you’re a council or housing association tenant and you want to move to a new home.

Do the council have to rehouse me?

If you’re a private tenant, get help if you’re being evicted. If you’re going to be homeless after the eviction, it’s possible the council will have to rehouse you. If you think the council may have to rehouse you, you shouldn’t move out until the council has confirmed they’re going to rehouse you in writing.

Who gets priority for council housing?

The council’s housing allocation policy sets out who gets priority on the waiting list. You must be given some priority or ‘reasonable preference’ if you: are homeless or fleeing violence. live in overcrowded or very bad housing conditions.

What is the best way to get a council house?

You can apply for a home through your local council. They might also call it ‘social housing ‘. If your application is accepted, you’ll go on to a waiting list of people who need a council home. Your council will then prioritise applications based on who needs a home most urgently.

Can I take over my mums council house?

You should be able to take over the tenancy and stay if the property was your main home and you were living with the person who died for at least a year. If you were married or in a civil partnership with the person who died, you’ll take priority over any other family members.

Can tenancy rights be gifted?

Please note that tenanted property cannot be gifted and we have to execute a deed for transfer of tenancy.

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Can tenancy rights be willed?

Tenancy rights are inheritable by the legal heirs of the tenant. If you want the shop back then a suit for eviction on the ground of personal need is required to be filed against the heirs of deceased tenant. The arrears of rent can also be recovered from the heirs if they are claiming inheritance.

Is tenancy right a capital asset?

Dismissing the revenue’s appeal, SC held that, the tenancy rights was a capital asset, the surrender of the tenancy rights was a “transfer” and the consideration received therefore was a capital receipt within the meaning of Section 45.

Can the council force you to downsize 2020?

“The council can only advise tenants on the benefits of downsizing. We cannot, and would not, force a tenant who is under-occupying a property to move to a smaller one.”

Do you get money if you give up your council house?

Yes, you could get money if you give up your council house (secure tenancy) or your housing association house to buy a house on the open market. To be able to get any money you must agree to give up your council house or flat which you rent from a council or a housing association.

How long does it take to get the keys for a council house?

Mine was quite quick, I think about 3 weeks from when I viewed it. If only there was council house officer with specific knowledge of you and the house coming to see you today that you could ask. I got the keys when they came to the house I was living in at the time.

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