Quick Answer: Which Borough Is Loughborough Junction In?

What zone is Loughborough Junction?

Loughborough Junction railway station

Loughborough Junction
DfT category E
Number of platforms 2
Fare zone 2
National Rail annual entry and exit

What borough is Herne Hill in?

Herne Hill is located in the London Borough of Lambeth and the London Borough of Southwark in Greater London. There is a road of the same name which continues the A215 north of Norwood Road and was called Herne Hill Road. Herne Hill is situated between the more well-known areas of Brixton, Dulwich and Camberwell.

Is Loughborough Junction dangerous?

Crime. In a 2003 London Evening Standard journalist David Cohen described Coldharbour Lane, on which Loughborough Junction is situated, as the most dangerous street in the most dangerous borough in London. Three graffiti artists died when they were hit by a train at Loughborough Junction station in June 2018.

Is Herne Hill Nice?

Herne Hill sits in south London between Brixton and Dulwich. With streets full of independent shops, a good selection of local pubs and cafes, and a park with views, there’s no shortage of things to attract people to the area. It’s also an easy walk from Brixton tube station, so there’s no excuse to stay away.

What borough is Dulwich in?

Dulwich, fashionable residential neighbourhood in the Greater London borough of Southwark, part of the historic county of Surrey. It lies in the southern part of the borough and is centred on Dulwich College.

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Where do Herne Hill trains go?

Live departures and arrivals for Herne Hill

Due Destination Train Length
16:05 Sutton (London) via Wimbledon Platform 4 8 coaches
16:08 London Victoria Platform 2 8 coaches
16:08 Orpington Platform 3 8 coaches
16:12 St Albans Platform 1 8 coaches

Is it safe to live in Brixton?

Some parts of Brixton are rough and it is just like any other cities in the world. Do not worry, Brixton is safe to live. Yes, it is fairly safe. However, again, like any other cities in the world, you must take precaution when going home late at night because nobody knows what is around the corner waiting for you.

What is it like to live in Brixton?

Well known as an after hours destination, Brixton also has culture and cuisine to boot. People who live in Brixton are passionate about the place, and it’s easy to understand why. Its energy makes it a thrilling place to live, so be warned – if you’re after a quiet life, Brixton isn’t the place for you!

Is Brixton Safe 2019?

It’s consistently near the top of violent crime rates. In the last full figures released, it was the third worst borough in London for violent crime. If the question is simply ” is Brixton less safe than other areas in London” then broadly speaking I’d say it probably is.

Is Gipsy Hill a nice area?

Gipsy Hill is a lovely area, as others have said is near other nice areas too like Crystal Palace, quite a bit of green space too. Been in Gipsy Hill and Crystal Palace for ~5 years and I’ve really loved it. It looks pretty nice and green around Gipsy Hill when we went for a walk around there.

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