Quick Answer: What Is Sutton On Sea Like?

Are the toilets open in Sutton on Sea?


What shops are in Sutton on Sea?

  • Sutton on Sea. Squire Furnishing.
  • Bennetts Butchers. We are a high class family butchers, based in the sunny seaside town of Sutton-on-Sea on the east coast of Lincolnshire.
  • Sutton-on-Sea. Excelsior Interiors & Crafts.
  • Huttoft. Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream.
  • Lincon.
  • Knicks Knacks Antiques.
  • Lammimans Newsagents.
  • Sutton on Sea.

What is mablethorpe like to live in?

Mablethorpe is a wonderful place with a spectacular soft sandy beach. The town is a very friendly town and has a low crime rate compared to other uk towns. A perfect place for all ages.

Is Sutton on Sea beach dog friendly?

Sutton on Sea Like with Skegness, dogs are allowed on the section of beach which is away from the main centre and attractions. Dogs are welcome on the beach in Sutton on Sea from the Promenade to The Pullover, in the Furlong Road area.

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Are there toilets at Anderby Creek?

Anderby Creek is a long, sandy beach on the Lincolnshire coast, between Chapel St Leonards and Skegness to the south, and Sandilands and Mablethorpe to the north. Toilets are located here, as well as a beach café, a pub with a beer garden, and a shop in the small village of Anderby Creek behind the beach.

How far is it from Mablethorpe to Sutton on Sea?

The distance between Sutton-on-Sea and Mablethorpe is 2 miles. How do I travel from Sutton-on-Sea to Mablethorpe without a car?

Is mablethorpe a safe place to live?

Councillor Palmer, who is a former Lincolnshire county councillor, said: “Yes it is a safe place to live. We want to offer reassurance that Mablethorpe is safer than a lot of areas and you cannot guard against something like that happening. Mablethorpe doesn’t have a murder reputation and this could happen anywhere.

Where is the best place to live in Lincolnshire?

Here are 13 Lincolnshire places that were ranked.

  • Caistor.
  • Alford. Overall rank: 544 / 1372.
  • Grimsby. Overall rank: 711 / 1372.
  • Skegness. Overall rank: 742 / 1372.
  • Sleaford. Sleaford (Image: Lincolnshire Live file photo)
  • Grantham. Overall rank: 873 / 1372.
  • Bourne. Overall rank: 992 / 1372.
  • Scunthorpe. Overall rank: 1029 / 1372.

How long is Mablethorpe beach?

Wonderful soft golden sand stretches for miles in both directions on our beautiful, Blue Flag Award winning beach. Stay around the town centre for the fairground, cafes, fish and chips, crazy golf, donkey rides and everything you’d expect in a traditional seaside holiday resort.

Can I take my dog on Mablethorpe beach?

Mablethorpe North beach is dog friendly and is to the left of the promenade and has so much space and even a sand train too. The other larger seaside resorts of Skegness and Sutton on Sea also have dog friendly beaches available all year round.

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Are dogs allowed on Sandilands Beach?

Gorgeous stretch of sandy beach. Dogs allowed all year round.

Can dogs go on Anderby Creek beach?

Anderby creek is a lovely, quiet beach. There is a free car park, although part of it has a height barrier. It is dog friendly all year round on part of the beach. Walk down the access ramp and turn left and its 365 days of dog friendly walking.

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