Quick Answer: What Borough Is Wood Green In?

What council is Wood Green?

Haringey London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Haringey in Greater London, England.

Haringey London Borough Council
Next election May 2022
Meeting place
Haringey Civic Centre, Wood Green

Which London borough is Muswell Hill in?

Muswell Hill is a suburban district of north London. It is mainly in the London Borough of Haringey with a small part in the London Borough of Barnet. It is between Highgate, Hampstead Garden Suburb, East Finchley and Crouch End. It has many streets with Edwardian architecture.

What zone is Wood Green?

Wood Green is a London Underground station on the Piccadilly line. The station is between Turnpike Lane and Bounds Green stations and is in Travelcard Zone 3.

How dangerous is Wood Green?

Wood green is relatively safe when you factor in the huge foot traffic it experiences. According to one police report it is the busiest high street second only to oxford street. Also a massive police base is located behind the decorum near Wood Green tube. You won’t get a faster response time in many other places.

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Which borough is Hornsey in?

Hornsey /hɔːrnziː/ is a district of north London, England in the London Borough of Haringey. It is an inner-suburban, for the most part residential, area centred 10 km (6.2 mi) north of Charing Cross. It adjoins green spaces Queen’s Wood and Alexandra Park to the north.

Who is the head of Haringey Council?

Leader of the Council Councillor Ejiofor’s ward and contact details.

Is Muswell Hill Nice?

Crowned one of the five most desirable places to live in London, Muswell Hill is a suburban enclave surrounded by natural beauty, superb schools, quaint shopping streets and grand Edwardian architecture. It’s the London postcode offering the perfect laid-back vibe.

What is Haringey famous for?

Harringay became both nationally and internationally famous for the sporting events that were held in the Harringay Stadium and the Harringay Arena from the late 1920s until the 1980s.

How safe is Haringey?

Haringey is a safe area to live in. Recorded crime in Haringey has fallen over the last few decades, with an overall reduction of 40% since 2002. Around 85% of residents report feeling safe in the borough and the safest areas are usually found to the west of Haringey, such as Highgate and Muswell Hill.

What bus goes to Wood Green?

The N29 is the first Bus that goes to Wood Green in Wood Green.

Where is Wood Green Dogs Home?

The charity is based in Cambridgeshire. More specifically, they’re located on at King’s Bush Farm on London Road in the town of Godmanchester. And these guys care not only for dogs but a whole menagerie.

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What zone is Edmonton Green?

Edmonton Green railway station

Edmonton Green
DfT category C2
Number of platforms 2
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 4

Is Wood Green Safe 2020?

Yes it is a busy and safe borough. There is a busy shopping area between Wood Green and Turnpike Lane station. Big Greek-Cyrpriot and Turkish communities nearby and lots of good pages to eat in Green Lanes.

What does Wood Green Do?

Our mission. To take in unwanted and lost animals, provide shelter and care, find secure and loving homes, provide advice, support and guidance for pet owners and increase the public’s awareness of its responsibility towards animals in society.

Is Hornsey a safe place to live?

Hornsey has a below average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for London.

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