Quick Answer: What Borough Is Wanstead In?

What council is Wanstead in?

Leyton and Wanstead 2019 | London Councils.

Is Wanstead a nice place to live?

Teacher Clive Williams described Wanstead as: “A pretty cool place to live. “It’s quite easy if you need to get out into Essex or up to Cambridge, the transport links are pretty good. “There’s lots of places to eat and trendy bars too. Wanstead Park is a nice place to go for a walk.”

What areas does Redbridge Council cover?

  • Aldborough Hatch.
  • Aldersbrook.
  • Barkingside.
  • Chadwell Heath.
  • Clayhall.
  • Cranbrook.
  • Fairlop.
  • Fullwell Cross.

Which council is Ilford?

The local authority is Redbridge London Borough Council.

London Borough of Redbridge
Admin HQ Ilford
• Type London borough council
• Body Redbridge London Borough Council

How much is council tax Redbridge?

Redbridge Council has a Council Tax of £1,357.97 at Band D. This is an increase of 1.99% together with a 2% increase which must be used to fund Adult Social Care.

Is East London safe?

The home of East London’s famous antique market was joint first when it came to violent crime rates in the borough. There were 913 violent crimes reported in Spitalfields and Banglatown in just one year. In November 2018 there were a worrying 66 reported violent and sexual crimes there.

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How dangerous is Ilford?

While many areas of London are being gentrified, unfortunately, Ilford is really going downhill and quite a lot. It already has a negative connotation, and it’s definitely not helping the area. The news from Ilford are pretty much never positive – all about drug dealers, other criminals and knife attacks.

Is Ilford poor?

The historic town in Essex, Ilford South has the worst child poverty levels in Essex. Coming in with a shocking 46.9% of children in poverty, meaning nearly half of all children in Ilford South are living in poverty. This places it in top 25 constituencies in Britain with the highest levels of child poverty.

Is Snaresbrook safe?

Safety. Snaresbrook is a very safe place to live. The Met police currently rate the area as having average crime, and there are no high-crime hotspots anywhere nearby.

What line is Wanstead station on?

Wanstead is a London Underground station in Wanstead in London, England, on the Hainault loop of the Central line.

Is Redbridge a good place to live?

London borough of Redbridge is home to the capital’s most satisfied residents. The north-east London borough containing Ilford, Woodford and Wanstead has the best levels of life satisfaction in the capital, according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics.

Is Redbridge a safe area?

Nowhere is ever entirely safe from crime, but as boroughs go Redbridge in the North East of London actually fares pretty well. This is relatively low compared to other London boroughs like Westminster, which had more than 6,700 crimes committed, and Lambeth or Southwark, which both had over 3,000.

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Is Redbridge poor?

nineteen neighbourhoods in Redbridge are amongst the 20% most deprived in England in terms of living environment, which is much lower than the 28 there were in 2010. the number of neighbourhoods in Redbridge amongst the 10% most deprived in England in terms of living environment also reduced from 7 to 4.

Is Ilford London or Essex?

Ilford has always been part of the County of Essex, although the creation of the London Borough of Redbridge (an amalgamation of Woodford & Wanstead and Ilford District Councils) in the early 70’s has clouded the geographical issues.

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