Quick Answer: What Borough Is Bromley By Bow?

What zone is Bromley-by-Bow?

( Zone 2+3)

Is Bromley-by-Bow safe?

The safety thing is an impossible question – it’s about as safe as the rest of East London – but the fact there’s not many bars or pubs means it’s pretty quiet. There’s a lot of new builds going up around the area. Transport is OK if you don’t mind getting the DLR or the bus.

Why is Bromley-by-Bow called that?

Since 1967, the area has become known as Bromley-by-Bow due to Bromley tube station being renamed to Bromley-by-Bow, to prevent confusion with Bromley railway station in the London Borough of Bromley. Over time the station’s name has become applied to the area itself.

How far is Bromley-by-Bow?

The distance between Bromley and Bromley-by-Bow Station is 9 miles. The road distance is 12.2 miles. How do I travel from Bromley to Bromley-by-Bow Station without a car? The best way to get from Bromley to Bromley-by-Bow Station without a car is to train and subway which takes 57 min and costs £7 – £19.

Is Bromley by Bow station open?

No disruptions. There are no reported disruptions at any.

Is Bromley in London or in Kent?

The London Borough of Bromley is in south London. It’s named after its main town which was historically a market town in the county of Kent. Bromley Town Centre now has a large retail area, consisting of a shopping mall and a pedestrianised high street.

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Is Bow a good area to live?

Bow is an East London neighborhood currently morphing into a vibrant place to live. Bow has an above average violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for London.

Is East London safe?

The home of East London’s famous antique market was joint first when it came to violent crime rates in the borough. There were 913 violent crimes reported in Spitalfields and Banglatown in just one year. In November 2018 there were a worrying 66 reported violent and sexual crimes there.

Where in London is bow?

Bow is an area of London, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It is a built-up, mostly residential district located 4.6 miles (7.4 km) east of Charing Cross, and is a part of the East End.

Is Bromley posh?

Bromley is regarded as one of London’s safer boroughs and although (like any large area), crime does exist, the area is well policed. On the whole, the residents of Bromley feel happy and secure.

What line is Bromley South on?

Bromley South railway station is on the Chatham main line in England, serving the town centre and high street of Bromley, south-east London. It is 10 miles 71 chains (17.5 km) down the line from London Victoria and is situated between Shortlands and Bickley.

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