Quick Answer: What Area Of London Is Wembley Stadium?

Is the O2 or Wembley Arena bigger?

Used for music, comedy, family entertainment and sport, the 12,500-seat facility is London’s second-largest indoor arena after The O2 Arena, and the ninth-largest (as of August 2019) in the United Kingdom.

How do I get to Wembley Stadium from London?

Wembley Stadium Station is one stop from London Marylebone on Chiltern Railways, and Wembley Central Station is on the London Underground Bakerloo line and London Overground line from Watford Junction to London Euston.

How far is Wembley from London?

What is the distance between Wembley and London? The distance between Wembley and London is 7 miles.

What zone is Wembley Arena?

It’s in Zone 4 and is on the Metropolitan or Jubilee Lines. Alternatively, you could travel to nearby Wembley Central, it’s a 15-minute walk. This is also in Zone 4 and can be reached via the Bakerloo Line or London Overground lines.

What is the biggest arena in the UK?

As of 2020, Manchester Arena and the O2 Arena in London top the list of indoor venues with the largest audience capacity in the United Kingdom. Both are able to accommodate up to 21 and 20 thousand visitors respectively.

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How many people can be in Wembley?

Stadium Facts & Features Wembley Stadium connected by EE is the national stadium of England and the home of English football. With 90,000 seats, it is the largest sports venue in the UK and the second-largest stadium in Europe.

Is Wembley in London safe?

Wembley is safe enough – though it is a tacky area. Dont flash the cash, use ATMs only inside stores. The tube/underground is safe. The metro is the underground railway in Paris – and also in Newcastle UK.

How do I get to Wembley stadium by train?

There are two national rail stations serving the arena: the main station, Wembley Stadium, can be reached from London Marylebone, Gerrards Cross, and High Wycombe, and Wembley Central station’s connections include London Euston, Milton Keynes Central, and Watford Junction, as well as the Bakerloo tube line.

How far is Wembley from Heathrow?

Wembley To Heathrow travel time Wembley is located around 14 KM away from Heathrow so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Heathrow in 0 hours and 21 minutes. Your Heathrow travel time may vary due to your bus speed, train speed or depending upon the vehicle you use.

Is Wembley a dangerous area?

Home to Wembley Stadium, Wembley Arena and the Neasden Temple, Brent, previously an under-the-radar area, has been crowned The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2020. That said, the area is also one of London’s most dangerous.

Is Wembley a good place to live?

Not only is Wembley a sport lover’s dream, but it has also developed into a vibrant community with great variety. Families and young workers are attracted to the area’s property prices and accessibility to central London, as well as the vibrant cultural scene developing around the regenerated Wembley Park area.

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Is Brent London dangerous?

The most dangerous place to live in Brent according to police stats is Stonebridge. A baffling 1,753 crimes have been recorded already this year. Violence against the person (582), Vehicle offences (339) and theft (233) are the top three most committed crimes.

How do I get to Wembley Park?

To reach Wembley Park by car, use the postcode HA9 0FA in your Sat Nav. Or just follow signs for Wembley Stadium when you reach the A406 North Circular from the M1, A40 or M25. If you’re driving from central London, drive up the Harrow Road (A404) north-west until you reach Paddington Station, then take the A40.

What zone is Harrow on the Hill?

Harrow-on-the-Hill is a London Underground station served by the Metropolitan line and National Rail services, in Travelcard Zone 5.

Is Wembley Arena in the congestion charge zone?

About the Congestion Charge: Wembley is outside the Congestion Charge Zone. However, if you drive in or through central London, you will have to pay £10 per car. More details can be found on this page from VisitLondon. To avoid the Congestion Charge Zone, have a look at the Google Map.

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