Quick Answer: What Area Of London Is The Royal Albert Hall?

Where in London is Royal Albert Hall?

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London. One of the United Kingdom’s most treasured and distinctive buildings, it is held in trust for the nation and managed by a registered charity (which receives no government funding). It can seat 5,272.

What is the nearest tube station to the Royal Albert Hall?

Trains/Tube South Kensington and High Street Kensington are the closest underground stations to the Royal Albert Hall.

What zone is Royal Albert Hall in?

The Royal Albert Hall is outside the Congestion Zone area but If travelling by car, for specific directions it is best to use a satnav, but please be aware that the route may take you in and out of the Central London Congestion Charge zone.

What is the present name of Albert Hall?

The Albert Hall (official name: Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences), is a large building in the City of Westminster, London.

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How much does it cost to hire Royal Albert Hall?

As a charity building, the Royal Albert Hall operates as a hall for hire. It’s had epic costume balls and concerts to raise money. Generally, it costs £16,000 to rent the hall. The BBC has it each year for ‘BBC Proms for 7 weeks, and they bring all their own kit.

What are the best seats at the Royal Albert Hall?

The best seats are in the Stalls (which are above the Arena floor), on the sides of the stage. The side seats in the stalls swivel so the strain is not bad on your neck or back.” Review 2: “The opera productions performed in the round are really nice.

Is there a dress code for the Royal Albert Hall?

There is no formal code, but most people like to look a bit presentable.

What Tube line is Kensington High Street?

High Street Kensington is a London Underground station on Kensington High Street, in Kensington. The station is on the Circle line between Gloucester Road and Notting Hill Gate, and the District line between Earl’s Court and Notting Hill Gate and is in Travelcard Zone 1.

Which Tube line is South Kensington on?

South Kensington is a London Underground station in the district of South Kensington, south west London. It is served by the District, Circle and Piccadilly lines.

Is there any street parking at Royal Albert Hall?

Entrances are located on Prince Consort Road (evenings only) and Exhibition Road (evenings and matinees). Spaces must be booked in advance and cost £10.75 (including a 7.5% booking fee). Parking is only available for cars and not for larger vehicles.

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How do you get to the Albert Hall?

Royal Albert Hall, London

  1. Getting to the Royal Albert Hall.
  2. By Tube. South Kensington (District, Circle and Piccadilly Lines) and High Street Kensington (District and Circle Lines) are the closest Underground stations to the Hall.
  3. By Bus. 52 Victoria to Willesden stopping on Kensington Gore outside the Hall.
  4. By Rail.
  5. By Taxi.

Who paid for the Royal Albert Hall?

Unlike any comparable institutions, the Hall receives no recurring grant funding. It is financed by the events held at the Hall, by philanthropic giving and by financial support from the Members. The Members contribute by paying an annual ‘seat rate’ (currently £1,452 per seat).

Who has performed at the Royal Albert Hall?

Royal Albert Hall

  • ★ Adele ★ Filmed record-breaking DVD ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’, 2011.
  • ★ Muhammad Ali ★ The Champ fought at the Hall three times, 1971-1979.
  • ★ Shirley Bassey ★ More than 45 performances at the Hall since 1971.
  • ★ BBC Proms ★
  • ★ Chelsea Arts Club Balls ★
  • ★ Sir Winston Churchill ★
  • ★ Eric Clapton ★
  • ★ Roger Daltrey ★

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