Quick Answer: How To Get A Stall In Greenwich Market?

How much does it cost to have a stall at a market?

R: The cost of stall ranges anywhere from FREE to $200 or more! It all depends on the type of markets and whether it is sponsored.

How do you get a stall at a market?

How to become a market trader: step-by-step

  1. Decide what you’re going to sell.
  2. Consider your suppliers.
  3. Think about your location.
  4. Develop the right skills.
  5. Sort out the legal side.
  6. Think about market traders’ insurance.
  7. Marketing your market stall.
  8. Take your business further.

How do I get a stall in Borough Market?

If you wish to apply to join us, the first step involves emailing newtraderapplications@ boroughmarket.org.uk with your name and your company name, only. You will then receive an autoresponse email which contains a link to an ‘expression of interest’ form which is where you can tell us about your business.

Can you set up a stall anywhere?

It allows you to sell goods in the street, but you cannot have a fixed stall or pitch, so you ‘ll be carrying your wares around with you. A Pedlar’s Certificate can be used anywhere in the country, but remember if you want to set up a fixed pitch, you ‘ll need a street trader’s licence.

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What can I sell at a market stall?


  • Bags and purses.
  • Second hand clothes.
  • Caps and hats.
  • Tshirts with an interesting and unique patterns.
  • Cool socks.
  • Shoes & flip flops (especially when it’s warm)
  • Vintage goods.
  • Decorative figurines and decorative ceramics.

Do market traders make money?

Traders make money by employing trading strategies that indicate when a market is likely to advance or decline, and then place orders accordingly to catch that move. To be able to not only profit from positive swings, but also falling markets, many traders make use of a combination of short orders and buy orders.

How do you make a market stall attractive?

6 Tips For Making An Attractive Market Stall

  1. Display your beautiful products. Customers won’t be as intrigued in a store with little to offer.
  2. Use attractive display props. Bear in mind that not only your products are on display, the props used to show them are too!
  3. Opt for a white canopy.
  4. Remove eyesores.
  5. Consider how you display your products.

Do I need an ABN for a market stall?

The short answer for that is NO. If you are running a market stall twice a week and that is your main source of income then you will need to register for an ABN.

What is the biggest market in the UK?

London. This hub in the heart of the East End is the biggest inland market of its kind in Britain. And with a history dating back to the 16th century, it’s an essential cog in the industry’s wheel.

Is Borough Market Open lockdown?

Borough Market remains open as an essential retailer, with social distancing measures in place.

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How much is a stall at Camberwell market?

You can book stalls using your iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows 10 devices as well as the via this website. Stall cost is $67 and is paid by credit card. When booking, the Terms and Conditions should be fully understood before proceeding, agreement to the terms and conditions is a part of the booking process.

How much is a market stall in London?

Cost of market stall hire: Casual pop-up stalls cost £15 per day (or £25 if you’re selling street food) Tuesday to Friday and £20 per day (or £40 for street food) Saturday and Sunday.

Do I need a Licence to sell homemade jam?

If that’s where you’re making and packaging your jam, it needs to be registered as an official food premise. And if you are teamed up with someone and split production between your homes, theirs will need to be registered as well.

How much is a casual trading Licence?

Copy of your current motor insurance certificate must also be submitted, if appropriate. The fees for holding a casual trading licence are as follows: €63 per month or €380 per year and are payable when your licence is being issued.

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