Quick Answer: Dudley Sutton Doctor Who?

How old is Dudley Sutton?

Death. Sutton died of cancer on 15 September 2018 at the age of 85. He is survived by three children, Peter, Barnaby and Fanny.

Where is Dudley Sutton buried?

Dudley Sutton

Birth 6 Apr 1933 Kingston upon Thames, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England
Death 15 Sep 2018 (aged 85) Clapham Park, London Borough of Lambeth, Greater London, England
Burial Burial Details Unknown
Memorial ID 193138124 · View Source

Who was Lovejoy’s sidekick?

For years people would shout “ Tinker!” when Dudley Sutton walked past in the street. Tinker Dill, the beret, bow tie and check suit-wearing sidekick of Ian McShane’s roguish antiques dealer Lovejoy in the eponymous BBC comedy drama, was undoubtedly his best-known role.

Why did Lady Jane Felsham leave Lovejoy?

So I left to pursue a directing and writing career. There have been rumours over the years of a return of Lovejoy.

Who was Lovejoy based on?

Lovejoy was based on the novels by John Grant, under the pen name Jonathan Gash. Grant was formerly a GP and Pathologist and he also wrote medical thrillers, with Dr. Clare Burtonall as the central character.

What year did Lovejoy start?

The show, which ran to 71 episodes over six series, was originally broadcast on BBC1 between 10 January 1986 and 4 December 1994, although there was a five-year gap between the first and second series. It was adapted for television by Ian La Frenais.

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What is Ian McShane net worth?

Ian McShane Net Worth and Salary: Ian McShane is an English actor, director, producer, and voice over artist who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Ian McShane was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, and went on to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

What does Lovejoy mean?

English: nickname from Middle English love(n), luve(n) ‘to love’ (Old English lufian) + Middle English joie ‘joy’ (Old French joie).

Who does Lovejoy marry in the final episode?

only to then break out in an overjoyed, beaming smile and booming laugh as he’s taken away, spared once more the agony of fidelity and matrimonial harmony. But the final scene is much more somber, as Lovejoy talks to the audience one more time in front of Felsham Hall, the former home of his true love, Lady Jane.

Is Lovejoy coming back?

Lovejoy is set to return to our screens although it’s unlikely star Ian McShane will be back in the leading role. Following the recent news that All Creatures Great and Small is coming back to our screens, it’s now been revealed that plans are afoot to bring back Lovejoy, which originally ran on BBC1 from 1986-1994.

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