Question: Where To Park For Free In Sutton?

Is parking free in Sutton?

zoning hours or pay and display, free to park 24 hours.

Do you have to pay for parking at Sutton Park?

Car parks are marked on the Sutton Park map. There is a charge for the car parks from Easter until September, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays. At other times parking is free.

Where can I park for free in Keswick?

The streets off Penrith Road are all free and no time limit. The car parks on Crosthwaite Road – A5271- near the hospital are cheap and its a 5 min walk across the park into Keswick. These carparks are run by the Fitz Park Trustees and the local Football Club.

How much is it to park in Sutton Park?

What will drivers have to pay? Park users and residents will be consulted on options for the charging policy, which is currently proposed to be based on the existing charge of £2 for a four-hour stay, or £3 for a day ticket. Dozens of drivers currently park their cars daily for free in Sutton Park.

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Where can I park in Sutton?

  • Morrisons. Customers only. 3 minto destination.
  • Sutton Station. 159 spaces. £6.702 hours.
  • B & Q. 512 spaces. 8 minto destination.
  • Holiday Inn. 115 spaces. 10 minto destination.
  • Gibson Road. 924 spaces. 11 minto destination.
  • St Nicholas Shopping Centre. 740 spaces. 13 minto destination.
  • Times Square. 821 spaces.
  • Asda. Free2 hours.

What time is Sutton Park open till?

The Centre is open all year from 10am to 6pm in the summer and 10am to 4.30pm in the winter.

How do I get to Sutton Park?

Getting to Sutton Park The main entrance is Town Gate in Tudor Hill. The postcode for satnav users is B73 6BU. If using public transport, it’s a short walk to the main entrance at Town Gate from either the bus station in central Sutton Coldfield or the Sutton Coldfield rail station.

What is the biggest park in Birmingham?

The largest of the parks is Sutton Park covering 2,400 acres (971 ha) making it the largest urban nature reserve in Europe. Birmingham Botanical Gardens are a Victorian creation, with a conservatory and bandstand, close to the city centre.

Where can I park in Keswick?

The numbers to use on the app at the Keswick car park sites are as follows:

  • Otley Road 712220.
  • Bell Close 712221.
  • Central 712222.
  • Lakeside car parking 712223.
  • Lakeside coach park 712224.

Where do you park for Derwent Water?

Parking. Keswick has a large lakeside pay and display car park located at Grid Ref NY 266 229 with signs that will direct you from the town centre.

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Can you swim in Sutton Park?

The pool dates back to the 15th century and was formed by the damming of a stream. Keeper’s Pool is approximately 2 acres (0.8 hectares) in size and contains Perch and Roach; angling is permitted in the pool. There was formerly an outdoor swimming lido, built in 1887.

How many gates does Sutton Park have?

Sutton Park has six vehicle entrances, as shown. Parking is available near each entrance, although there is limited space at Four Oaks Gate, Hartopp Gate and Streetly Gate. However, there are more parking spaces further in.

Who owns Sutton Park?

Sutton Park, West Midlands

Sutton Park
Coordinates 52°33′42″N 1°51′14″WCoordinates: 52°33′42″N 1°51′14″W
Area 971.25 hectares ( 2,400.0 acres )
Operated by Birmingham City Council

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