Question: What Borough Is Surrey Quays In?

Is Surrey Quays a safe place to live?

Surrey Quays has a low violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for London.

What zone is Surrey Quays in?

It is located in Rotherhithe, part of London Borough of Southwark. It is in Zone 2 and the next station to the north is Canada Water, and to the south it splits into branches to Clapham Junction, New Cross and Crystal Palace/West Croydon.

What quays are in London?

Legal Quays in London

  • Fresh Wharf.
  • Cox’s Quay.
  • Gaunt’s Quay.
  • Hammond’s Quay.
  • Botolph Wharf.
  • Lyon’s Quay.
  • Somer’s Quay.
  • Smart’s Quay.

What borough is Rotherhithe in?

Rotherhithe (/ˈrɒðərhaɪð/) is a residential district in south-east London, England, and part of the London Borough of Southwark.

Is Camberwell dangerous?

Camberwell is neither the safest area, nor the most dangerous area in London. Based on my own database, it has a safety score of 16, which is below the London average of 25 (London has a lower than average score in England).

Is Peckham dangerous?

Historically Peckham didn’t have the best reputation for safety, but this is largely outdated now. The regeneration of the area has contributed greatly to lowered crime rates and increased safety. Few tourists make it out as far as Peckham and so there’s little to no petty crime.

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Is Canada water a safe area to live?

Canada Water is considered a very safe district to live in and benefits from the police presence you’d expect in more central London areas.

Is Rotherhithe rough?

Rotherhithe Data shows 171 crimes were reported in this neighbourhood in February 2019. This neighbourhood includes areas around Surrey Quays station, Canada Water, and, of course, Rotherhithe. Most of the reported crimes in Rotherhithe in February were of a violent or sexual nature (33).

What zone is Surrey?

( Zone 2) LONDON OVERGROUND: Sunday 28 March, no service between Surrey Quays and New Cross, please use New Cross Gate station instead.

How long can you park in Surrey Quays?

Any vehicle on site over the 3 hour maximum stay period will be liable to a parking charge as displayed on the signage on site.

When was Surrey Quays built?

Construction of Surrey Quays Shopping began in late 1985, and was completed in time for a July 1988 opening.

Is Rotherhithe a safe place to live?

Rotherhithe has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

What is Rotherhithe like to live in?

Living in Rotherhithe, you’ll benefit from picturesque views and a laidback community atmosphere, which is ideal for those seeking a bit of calm amid city life. At the epicentre of the area is the iconic Thames Tunnel, created by Marc Isambard Brunel and celebrated at the Brunel Museum.

How old is the Mayflower Pub Rotherhithe?

Welcome to the oldest pub on the River Thames, London… You can spot the original 1620 mooring point of the Pilgrim Father’s Mayflower ship, warm yourself by the open fire and imagine who may have been sitting in your seat 400 years ago!

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