Question: What Borough Is Burnt Oak?

Which borough is burnt oak in?

Burnt Oak is a suburb in the Edgware district in northwest London, England.

Burnt Oak
London borough Barnet Brent
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

Why is burnt oak called Burnt Oak?

There has been some discussion as to how Burnt Oak got its name – some claim that it derives from the Roman method of marking a boundary by burning a tree, but as the earliest known use of the name is 1754 and the area was known as Red Hill before the 1860s, this is unlikely.

Is Burnt Oak safe?

Burnt Oak -129. There were more reported thefts than any other type of crime in Burnt Oak in January 2019 with 42 reported crimes. There were a shocking 41 violent incidents in the neighbourhood just one month. Burghlary was the third most reported crime with 20 offences.

What bus goes to Burnt Oak?

BUS ROUTES: 32 – 114 – 142 – 204 – 251 – 292 – 302 – 305 – 605 – 606 – 614 – 644 – N5 – N16
UNDERGROUND: Northern Line

Is Stanmore a good place to live?

Stanmore is what you might call a quiet suburb – and, yes, there really is such a thing within the confines of the M25! Sitting neatly between Edgware and Bushey in North West London, Stanmore’s beautiful properties are matched by its acres of woodland and commons – genuine peace, quiet and fresh air in London.

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What is High Barnet like to live in?

A real village feel whilst also having easy access to London. I like Wood Street and the roads off, which you’ve identified. Also the streets behind The Spires are nice. The Old Mitre Inne is a great pub and the Black Horse, with Barnet Brewery contained, is a good stop too.

Is Colindale dangerous?

Colindale is the most dangerous neighbourhood in the borough by some distance. Although there were no murders in Colindale, there were 66 cases of violence that resulted in injury and 137 cases of violence that did not result in injury.

Is Finchley dangerous?

Finchley Chruch End was the safest area of Barnet in terms of having the lowest crime rate. There was a total of 59 offences reported to The Met Police in March 2020. There was also two counts of arson and criminal damage, two public order offences and one robbery.

How do you get to Burnt Oak?

The nearest stations to Burnt Oak Station are:

  1. Burnt Oak Station (N) is 0 meters away, 0 min walk.
  2. Burnt Oak Broadway (D) is 386 meters away, 6 min walk.
  3. Colindale is 1530 meters away, 20 min walk.
  4. Mill Hill Broadway Railway Station is 1768 meters away, 24 min walk.
  5. Queensbury is 1951 meters away, 26 min walk.

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