Often asked: Who Died In Croydon Tram Crash?

Who died in the tram crash?

As a result, the viaduct running above the restaurant is destroyed, sending a tram careering onto the street, destroying D&S Alahan’s Corner Shop and The Kabin. Two characters, Ashley Peacock ( Steven Arnold ) and Molly Dobbs ( Vicky Binns ), and an unnamed taxi driver perished as a result of the disaster.

Why does Croydon have trams?

Work on the network began after a study in the mid-1980s, by TfL’s predecessor London Regional Transport, found that the reintroduction of trams could reduce the volume of traffic in the city, and provide better links for the New Addington area.

How did Ashley Peacock die?

The Peacocks ‘ departure tied in with the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The anniversary episode was broadcast live on 9 December 2010, with Ashley being killed-off in an explosion, taking place at The Joinery, which caused a tram to derail onto the street.

Who is leaving Coronation Street in 2020?

Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) After deciding to leave boyfriend Daniel Osbourne in Weatherfield to come to terms with the death of his wife Sinead Tinker, she said a tearful goodbye to friends and family.

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Are trams free in Croydon?

Free travel on buses and trams.

How do you pay for Croydon tram?

You can’t buy a paper ticket at tram stops but there are still a number of different ways to pay for your journey:

  1. Pay as you go with contactless (card or device) or an Oyster card for £1.50 for a single adult journey.
  2. Travelcard including Zones 3,4 5 or 6.
  3. Bus & Tram Pass on your Oyster card.
  4. One Day Bus & Tram Pass.

How much is the Croydon tram?

Tramlink journeys cost just £1 with Oyster. New Deal and 16-17 holders pay 50p.

Who was Ashley Peacock wife?

Claire Peacock (also Casey ) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street.

Who married Fred Elliott?

In 1997, Fred married Maureen Holdsworth (Sherrie Hewson) but Maureen quickly tired of Fred’s overbearing nature and plans for their future and left him a week after the wedding.

Who was Ashley Peacock married to?

4, and in 1999 Ashley married Maxine Heavey.

Who gets killed in Coronation Street?

Frank Mills dead: Coronation Street and Midsomer Murders actor dies aged 93. Frank was best known for playing barmaid Betty Williams’ husband Billy in the ITV soap.

Who is the new girl on Coronation Street?

She joined the soap back in 2019. Coronation Street character Alina is played by Ruxandra Porojnicu, but how old is Alina?

Does Jeff die on Coronation Street?

CORONATION Street delivered a shock tonight in its 60th anniversary special episode as villain Geoff Metcalfe was killed off. The abuser – who was played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – fell off the roof to his death after trying to murder his wife Yasmeen Nazir.

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