Often asked: Where Is Chris Sutton From?

Is Chris Sutton married?

He married Samantha Sutton in 1995; the couple had five children together: Sophia, Harry, James, Frankie, Oliver, and George.

Did Dion Dublin ever play for England?

Dion Dublin (born 22 April 1969) is an English television presenter and former professional footballer. Born in Leicester and of Nigerian descent, he was capped four times for England. Dublin started his career as a centre-back with Norwich City Reserves, but made his name at Cambridge United as a centre-forward.

Did Dion Dublin win the Golden Boot?

At the end of every season the Premier League presents the Golden Boot award to the player, or players, to have scored the most goals in that campaign. Winners of the Golden Boot.

Season 1997/98
Player Dion Dublin
Club COV
Goals 18

Ещё 34 столбца

Does Dion Dublin still do homes under the hammer?

Homes Under the Hammer is a British factual renovation and auction television series that originally screened on BBC One as part of the BBC’s morning schedule. The series has been running since May 2003, and is currently presented by Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell.

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