Often asked: What Is The Sutton Trust Summer School?

Are Sutton Trust summer schools free?

The costs of the Summer School are covered by the University and the Sutton Trust so that it is completely free for you to attend.

What is the Sutton Trust Programme?

We support young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading universities and careers. In partnership with universities and employers, we run engaging programmes that give students practical advice and leave them feeling inspired and more confident about their future.

Can you apply to more than one Sutton Trust Summer School?

Can I apply to multiple programmes? You may only attend one Sutton Trust programme at a time. You may not apply to a UK Summer School if you are currently enrolled in a Pathways programme. You may apply to both the UK Summer School and the US Programme, but you may only attend one.

What is the point of summer school?

Learn New Skills Online. Summer schools offer more than just classes required for graduation. They also often offer enrichment classes, which can give students the opportunity to explore other subjects and interests that they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to during the traditional school year.

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Where is the Sutton Trust based?

The Sutton Trust is an educational charity in the United Kingdom which aims to improve social mobility and address educational disadvantage.

How much is Cambridge summer school?

Tuition Fee

Programme Tuition
Cambridge Summer Academy (2 weeks): 4,380 GBP
2-week extension in Cambridge or Oxford 3,880 GBP

What makes great teaching Sutton Trust?

teachers ‘ content knowledge, including their ability to understand how students think about a subject and identify common misconceptions. quality of instruction, which includes using strategies like effective questioning and the use of assessment.

What is a university summer school?

Every year, UCL welcomes students from universities around the world to study for 3 or 6 weeks in July and August. With a wide range of undergraduate, credit-bearing modules on offer from many of our renowned academic departments, you can choose the subject best suited to your academic or personal interests.

What is Realising opportunities for students?

Realising Opportunities ( RO ) is a unique collaboration of leading, research intensive universities, working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups underrepresented in higher education.

Do universities look at summer school courses?

Online courses or summer school courses could be instead of or in addition to regular HS or college courses. If you were taking them to make up a course you failed, the university might look at why you’d failed that course.

What happens if you skip summer school?

If you don’t go, you don’t get the credit you need. Or you don’t get to pass into the next grade. Or you don’t get to graduate. Students typically have to go to summer school to earn credits that they did not receive during the school year.

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Is summer school a real thing?

Summer school (or summer university) is a school, or a program generally sponsored by a school or a school district, or provided by a private company, that provides lessons and activities during the summer vacation.

Does summer school give credits?

For academic achievers or prospective students entering college, summer classes are a way for you to gain college credits while you ‘re still in high school.

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