Often asked: What Area Of London Is The London Edition Hotel Located?

What is the London edition?

The London EDITION offers both a reinvention of its landmark building and the luxury hotel experience. Located in Fitzrovia on the edge of Soho, the boutique hotel blends thoughtful design and intuitive service with excellent dining and nightlife in a space that boldly brings together the past with the present.

Who owns the London Edition Hotel?

London Edition sold to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Marriott has agreed the sale of the London hotel, together with two other Edition hotels currently under development in Miami Beach and New York, for $815m (£496m) – a figure which is roughly equal to the total development costs of all three hotels.

How many rooms does the Sunborn yacht have?

Sunborn London’s 132 guest hotel rooms and 4 suites tell a story of timeless quality. Designed to provide light and spacious accommodation, each room has river or dock views, in most cases, framed by large french windows.

How many Edition hotels are there?

Edition Hotels ‘ current portfolio is rather small, standing at just four properties all having opened between 2013 and 2017; The London Edition, The Miami Beach Edition, The New York Edition and The Sanya Edition.

Does the Sunborn Yacht move?

The boat does not move -ie its permanently moored and is very stable. There was no noticeable movement whilst on board at all. over a year ago. The hotel despite being a yacht is permanently moored at the dockside.

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Does the Sunborn Yacht have a pool?

The 142-metre yacht hotel comprises 189 lavishly appointed rooms together with banqueting suites, bars, cocktail lounge and restaurants, plus tranquil pool, spa and sundeck, offering guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the ultimate indulgent hotel experience.

Is there parking at Sunborn Yacht?

There are 2 car parking options within walking distance to Sunborn London such as the Royal Victoria Car Park and the Excel car park. Both multi-storey car parks operate a pay & display service and do not need to be pre-booked. The cost is £20 for 24 hours.

Is the W Hotel owned by Marriott?

Marriott inherited the W Hotel brand when it bought Starwood in 2016. Now it’s up to Marriott to make the W brand shine again. When the first W Hotel opened on Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan in 1998, it became as popular as a New York City nightclub.

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