Often asked: What Area Of London Is Holloway In?

Is Holloway a safe area?

How safe is Holloway? It is a perfectly safe area to live within and to visit, but is not as busy an area as tourist hotspots elsewhere in the city.

What is the Holloway?

The name “ holloway ” is derived from “hola weg,” meaning sunken road in Old English. You’re most likely to discover a holloway where the ground and the stone below are soft, such as places rich in sandstone or chalk.

Is archway a safe area?

Archway suffers series of violent muggings – as neighbours bemoan police cuts. A masked gang has hit Archway with a series of terrifying muggings. Neighbours this week said government cuts to the Met budget have caused the “awful” spate of violent robberies in the past couple of weeks.

Where in London is archway?

Archway is an area of North London in the London Borough of Islington, a great transition point for those tired of the city but not quite ready for full-time suburban.

Is Finsbury Park safe at night?

Finsbury Park is fine. There are some areas that you wouldn’t want to walk down dark alleyways late at night, but just be aware of your surroundings. It’s a pretty vibrant, earthy and some might say slightly rough around the edges, but in no way would it compare to somewhere like Brixton or Harlesden.

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How dangerous is Finsbury Park?

1. Finsbury Park – 1,522. In first place for the Islington area where most crime is committed is Finsbury Park with 1,522 incidents. The most committed crime was theft with 466 reported incidents followed by violence against a person with 379 cases.

What nationality is the name Holloway?

The surname of Holloway is of an Anglo-Saxon origin, and is considered to be a topographical and locational surname.

What is a sunken lane?

Sunken lanes are roads or tracks that are incised below the general level of the surrounding land, often by several metres. Many are metalled as roads have been laid within them.

Is Archway rough?

Parts of Archway are a little rough around the edges but I’m sure this is only set to improve! Archway may not be on anyone’s radar as a nightlife destination but it benefits from being close to more vibrant areas such as Camden and Islington.

Is Highgate London safe?

Highgate is a terrific combination of a tightknit community, parks, and amenities. Highgate has a low violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for London.

What is the meaning of Archway?

: a way or passage under an arch also: an arch over a passage.

What Tube line is archway on?

Archway Underground Station is a London underground station serviced by the Northern Line.

Why is archway called Archway?

Archway takes its name from the Highgate Archway, a John Nash-designed viaduct to carry Hornsey Lane over a cutting through a hill linking Holloway Road with the Great North Road, and bypassing Highgate Hill. Archway Road, a toll road, and the viaduct opened in 1813.

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What borough is Highgate in?

London borough Camden Haringey Islington
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

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