Often asked: How To Pronounce Borough?

How do you pronounce London borough?

Sure, many of us in the UK will be familiar with ‘ Borough ‘ because it describes an area or district. That ‘ough’ could trip some up though. Just remember it is ‘Buh-ra’ in London.

What does borough mean?

1: a town, village, or part of a large city that has its own government. 2: one of the five political divisions of New York City. More from Merriam-Webster on borough.

How do you pronounce Burgh?

Scottish ” burgh “, as in Edinburgh, is AFAIK always pronounced “burra”.

Why is the W silent in Greenwich?

Greenwich /Southwark/Woolwich/Chiswick: The ‘ silent W ‘ is a common peril for non-natives. The phenomenon tends to crop up in names of Anglo Saxon origin. If you see a W in the middle of a place name, just ignore it (hence Gren-itch, suth-urk, Wool-itch and Chis-ick).

How do you pronounce Southwark London?

Instead, the correct way to pronounce it is ‘suth-erk’, meaning the ‘w’ is silent and you can pretty much ignore the ‘o’.

Why is it called a borough?

The word ” borough ” indeed derives from the Old English “burh”, and is state to be “Cognate with Dutch burg, German Burg, Swedish borg, Persian bur.” In the US, a ” borough ” is a unit of government within a state. In reference to New York City, a borough refers to a semi-autonomous government unit within the city.

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Is borough bigger than town?

In Pennsylvania’s state laws that govern classes of municipalities, the term ” borough ” is used the way other states sometimes use the word ” town.” A borough is a self-governing entity that is generally smaller than a city.

How do you spell girl?

Correct spelling for the English word ” girl ” is [ɡˈɜːl], [ɡˈɜːl], [ɡ_ˈɜː_l] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the meaning of burrowing?

: a hole or tunnel in the ground that an animal (such as a rabbit or fox) makes to live in or for safety. burrow. verb. English Language Learners Definition of burrow (Entry 2 of 2): to make a hole or tunnel in the ground by digging.

How do you spell borrow?


  1. bor·​row | ˈbär-(ˌ)ō, ˈbȯr-
  2. Bor·​row | ˈbär-(ˌ)ō
  3. Other Words from borrow. Verb. borrower ˈbär-​ə-​wər, ˈbȯr-​ noun.

How do you pronounce Brugh?


  1. ˈbrəḵ
  2. plural -s.

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