Often asked: How Far Is Luton Airport From Croydon?

How much is a train ticket to Luton Airport?

The prices are £2.40 for a Single, £3.80 for a Standard Open Return. Children between 5 and 15 travel half price, and under 5s go free. The Shuttle Bus accepts both cash and contactless payments.

How much does it cost from Luton Airport to London?

Convenient London hotel districts for transfers to Luton Airport

London – Luton Airport Comparison of Fares 2020
Service Standard Adult Fare
Thameslink (Off Peak Fare) £17.70* £22.10 ~
Thameslink (Anytime Fare) £17.70 £32.30
* Anytime Single ~ Off-peak return

What is the cheapest way to get to Luton Airport?

Taking the bus is the cheapest way to travel from London to Luton. National Express coaches that travel from London to Luton depart from London’s Victoria Coach station. Services are direct and take just over an hour to arrive at Luton’s bus station.

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Does Luton Airport have a train station?

Featuring Thameslink trains to / from St Pancras, City of London and Gatwick. Luton Airport at the moment has no train station in the airport complex. The nearest train station is about a mile from the Luton Airport passenger terminal, called Luton Parkway Station.

Can I use my Oyster card to get to Luton?

Passengers can use contactless bank cards, but not Oyster smart cards, to travel to and from St Albans City, Harpenden and Luton Airport Parkway stations. However, the shuttle bus running between Luton Airport Parkway and the airport terminal accepts card and cash payments, which have to be made separately.

How much is a train ticket from London to Luton?

How much does the train from London to Luton cost? Train tickets from London to Luton can start from as little as £11.50 when you book in advance and are usually more expensive when purchased on the day. Prices can also vary depending the time of day, route and class you book.

How much is taxi from Luton to London?

How much will a taxi cost from Luton Airport to Central London

Vehicle Type Amenities Single Trip
Saloon (4 Passengers) 2 Small Cases / 2 Large cases £59
Business (4 Passengers) 2 Small Cases / 2 Large cases £68
MPV (5 Passengers) 3 Small Cases / 2 Large cases £68
Minibus (8 Passengers) 8 Small Cases / 8 Large cases £78

What is the best way to get to Luton Airport from London?

Fast central London trains from London Luton Airport

  1. 40-minute average train journey.
  2. Remember to add to a 10-minute Shuttle Bus transfer to your overall journey time.
  3. Trains every 20 minutes on average at peak times.
  4. Remember to add to a 10-minute Shuttle Bus transfer to your overall journey time.
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Is Luton or Stansted closer to London?

Luton (LTN) Like Gatwick and Stansted, London’s fourth airport, at Luton, is nearly 30 miles from the city center. Yet despite being the same distance from town, it’s the quickest of the three to reach by train (not including the shuttle bus to the terminal).

Can you walk from Luton Parkway to Luton Airport?

Thanks for getting in touch. The Luton Airport is approximately 1.5 miles from this location. However, the Luton Parkway Railway Station is only an 8 minute walk which operates a transfer bus that will take you straight to the Airport.

Can I use Oyster card on Thameslink to Luton?

1. Re: Is contactless / oyster valid on thameslink to Luton? At present oyster /contactless isn’t accepted on the trains between London and Luton but there are plans for It to be introduced in the future. Look at www.nationalrail.co.uk for train times and fares.

What is the difference between Luton Airport Parkway?

Key Luton Airport information London Luton Airport (LTN) is located to the north-west of central London. Luton Airport Parkway train station is 10 minutes from the airport by shuttle bus. Trains from Luton to central London take between 20 and 40 minutes.

Can you sleep in Luton airport overnight?

At Luton airport there is a lot of movement even during the night, so it is recommended to have headphones or earplugs. In addition, have a sleeping bag or blankets, as the place is pretty cold. Where to rest: The best spot is the Arrivals Hall, with some comfortable benches.

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Do trains to Luton run all night?

Trains run every 10 minutes at peak times up to every hour at night. They run 7 days a week and the journey takes 20 to 50 minutes.

What train line is Luton on?

Luton railway station is a railway station located in the town centre of Luton, Bedfordshire, England. The station is about three minutes’ walk from The Mall Shopping Centre. It is situated on the Midland Main Line and is operated by Thameslink.

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