How High Is Bromley Above Sea Level?

Where are the highest areas of ground in the UK?

Hill ranges in England

  • Lake District – Scafell Pike at 978 metres.
  • Pennines – Cross Fell, Cumbria, at 893 metres.
  • Cheviot Hills – The Cheviot, Northumberland, at 815 metres.
  • Black Mountains (within England ) – Black Mountain, at 703 metres.
  • Peak District – Kinder Scout at 636 metres.
  • Dartmoor – High Willhays at 621 metres.

What state is the highest above sea level?

For instance, Alaska could be regarded as the highest state because Denali, at 20,310 feet (6,190.5 m), is the highest point in the United States. However, Colorado, with the highest mean elevation of any state as well as the highest low point, could also be considered a candidate for “highest state”.

How high is Biggin Hill above sea level?

Biggin Hill is a district in Greater London with a population of 9,951. Historically in the county of Kent, today it forms part of the south-eastern London borough of Bromley, and located beyond London’s urban sprawl. It is one of the highest points of Greater London, rising to over 210 metres (690 ft) above sea level.

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What is the highest hill in London?


Rank Name Height
1 Westerham Heights 245 metres (804 ft)
2 Sanderstead Plantation 175 metres (574 ft)
3 Stanmore Hill 152 metres (499 ft)
4 Big Wood peak north of Manor Hill/Corrigan Avenue Rec. Ground 150 metres (492 ft)

How high is high Barnet?

For a London town, Barnet lies very high; the High Street is 427 feet (130 m) above sea level and the surrounding southern land no less than 295 feet (90 m).

What is the flattest county in the UK?

Cambridgeshire is the flattest county in the United Kingdom. It is also the most low-lying with large areas at just above sea-level.

Where is the highest village in the UK?

Flash has the distinction of being the highest village in England, at 1514 feet above sea level, and in winter it is frequently snow-bound.

What are the 4 highest mountains in the UK?

Trek to the top of the highest mountains in each of the 4 nations of the UK – Slieve Donard, Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike. This is the ULTIMATE mountain challenge in the UK – the 4 highest peaks in the UK, all in the space of a weekend!

Is 4000 ft elevation high?

Reduced physical performance: Soldiers cannot maintain thesame physical performance at altitude as they can at sea level, regardless of their fitness level. Altitude Effects on the Human Body.

Altitude Meters (m) / Feet ( ft ) Effects of Acute Altitude Exposure
Very High 4000 -5500m / 13,125-18,000 ft Altitude illness and decreased performance is the rule
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Which city is the highest above sea level?

Cities with the highest altitudes in the world. The highest city in the world with a population of more than one million is La Paz. The Capital of Bolivia sits 3,869 meters above sea level, and is more than 1,000 meters higher than the second ranked city – Quito.

What is the flattest state in the US?

Many people think Kansas is the flattest state in the U.S., as it seems to be a lot of openness and wind farms. Many say that Kansas is “flatter than a pancake.” Parts of Kansas are very flat, but six other U.S. states are flatter than Kansas. Flattest States 2021.

State Utah
% Flattest 2.00%
% Flatter 4.00%
% Flat 29.00%
% Not Flat 65.00%

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What is the steepest hill in south London?

But put a stint in up London’s steepest hills and you’ll find yourself languishing on Lactic Acid Lane rather than cruising up Easy Street. Top 10 toughest cycling climbs in the London bergs

  • Mott Street.
  • Plum Lane.
  • Old Hill.
  • Highgate Hill.
  • Maze Hill.
  • Point Hill.
  • Anerley Hill.
  • Muswell Hill.

Is Shooters Hill the highest point in London?

With a height of 132 metres ( 433 ft ), it is the highest point in the Borough of Greenwich and one of the highest points in Greater London.

Shooter’s Hill
Population 13,433 (2011 Census ward)
OS grid reference TQ435765
London borough Greenwich
Ceremonial county Greater London

What is the highest natural point in London?

The highest point in Central London is Hampstead Heath (139 m), while the highest point in Greater London is Westerham Heights (250 m), part of Betsom’s Hill (251m).

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