How Far Is Sutton Coldfield From Me?

Is Sutton Coldfield posh?

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield has long been one of the most sought after suburbs in Birmingham. It has been named as the fourth least deprived area in the country, and often has some of the most expensive homes in the West Midlands going up for sale in the prestigious Four Oaks estate.

How many miles is Sutton Coldfield?

Sutton – Coldfield is 3,631.47 mi (5,844.28 km ) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

How far is Sutton Coldfield from Birmingham?

The distance between Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield is 7 miles. The road distance is 8.2 miles.

How far is Sutton transmitter?

With a mast height of 270.5 metres (887 ft), it is one of the most powerful transmitters in England, powered at 200 kilowatts ERP for digital television and 250 kW for FM radio. The coverage extends as far south as Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire and as far north as Stoke-on-Trent.

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Is Sutton rough?

Sutton has a reputation for being rough as a bear’s arsebut the rail links are good. There are nicer areas not too far away (e.g. Banstead), or if you want to be further out, there are rural areas within reach of Redhill or Gatwick stations.

What are the worst areas of Birmingham?

Lots of poor areas in the inner city near Birmingham City centre. Lots of areas that are 80% South Asian such as Sparkbrook, Handsworth, Small Heath, Washwood Heath, Bordesley Green, Saltley.

Is Sutton Park free?

City council officers have confirmed that entrance to the park will remain free, and that it is only parking of a car or van that will now be charged.

Do you have to pay to get into Sutton Park?

There are several entrances to the park. Car parks are marked on the Sutton Park map. There is a charge for the car parks from Easter until September, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays. At other times parking is free.

How many ponies does Sutton Park have?

There are now about 32 ponies, which originate from Exmoor and Dartmoor, at Sutton Park. Wild ponies were introduced at Sutton Park in 1999.

Where should I not live in Birmingham?

However, there are places that should be considered no -go areas in Birmingham. These neighborhoods are plagued by gang violence (more on that below) and include Lozells, Handsworth, and Balsall Heath.

How far is Sutton from Birmingham?

Distance between Birmingham and Sutton is 172 kilometers (107 miles).

What bus goes to Sutton Park?

These Bus lines stop near Sutton Park: 77, 88, 907A, 937, X14, X3, X5.

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Is there a problem with Sutton Coldfield transmitter?

This transmitter has no current reported problems The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham, England) transmitter.

How many Freeview channels can I get in my area?

With Freeview you’ll usually get more than 70 standard and 15 HD channels. To see what channels are available in your area, just enter your postcode in our Freeview Channel Checker.

What channels does Winter Hill transmitter on?


Frequency UHF Service
615.25 MHz 39 Channel M
687.25 MHz 48 Channel 5
743.25 MHz 55 BBC One
775.25 MHz 59 ITV

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