FAQ: Who Is The Mp For Waltham Forest?

Who is the mayor of Waltham Forest?

The Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr Christopher Robbins CBE.

Who is the head of Waltham Forest Council?

The Leader of the Council is Cllr Clare Coghill. Find out what she does.

Who is MP for Chingford?

Chingford and Woodford Green (UK Parliament constituency)

Chingford and Woodford Green
Electorate 64,770 (December 2010)
Current constituency
Created 1997
Member of Parliament Sir Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative)

Is Waltham Forest Safe?

Waltham Forest is a relatively safe borough, although crime rates here are slightly above the London average at around 100 crimes per 1000 people as of 2012. Theft & Handling, Violence and Burglary are the most common crimes committed in Waltham Forest.

How old is Walthamstow?

Walthamstow is recorded c. 1075 as Wilcumestowe (“the Place of Welcome”) and in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Wilcumestou.

What borough is Snaresbrook in?

Snaresbrook is an area of Wanstead in the London Borough of Redbridge.

How can I contact Waltham Forest Council?

Social services for children, young people and families

  1. Phone 020 8496 2310 (Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5.15pm and Friday, 9am to 5pm)
  2. Phone 020 8496 3000 (out of hours)
  3. Minicom 020 8496 3010.
  4. Fax 020 8496 2313.
  5. Email wfdliaison@ walthamforest.gov.uk.
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Why is Chingford called Chingford?

Chingford’s name may be derived from words meaning ‘ford of the stump-dwellers’, a reference to houses built on poles to keep them clear of the marshy ground, but others have suggested that ‘ching’ is a corruption of ‘shingle’. Either way, the early riverside settlement was probably located in modern South Chingford.

Is Higham Hill safe?

The category of crime that most concerns people is violent crime. We have taken the ten nearest place to Higham Hill and ranked them according to the number of violent incidents in the ‘best fit’ Policing neighbourhood. Most violent places near Higham Hill.

Location Violent Incidents
Higham Hill 122
Chingford Hatch 102

How much is council tax in Waltham Forest?

Basic Council Tax £1158.59 £1183.85 1.99% £25.26 The increase in LBWF basic share of council tax is calculated by multiplying the core (LBWF basic share plus adult social care precept) 2020/21 figure of £1269.55 by 1.99%.

Is Brixton safe at night?

Brixton is perfectly fine to be in. I’ve been there à few times, nighttime included, and my brother lives there. Really, it’s fine. If anything it may be good for you if you’re looking to stay out till late as Brixton has a decent night life / scene, so you won’t be travelling a lot to get back home.

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