FAQ: Where To Buy Oyster Card In Kingston Upon Thames?

Is Kingston in the oyster zone?

BY TRAIN: Kingston Rail Station is only 25 minutes from London Waterloo and has a regular services to Kempton Park, Twickenham and Wimbledon. Both stations are in Zone 6, so you can use an Oyster card or a 1 – 6 Zone Travel card.

Which zone is Kingston upon Thames?

Kingston railway station is in Kingston upon Thames in south -west London. It is 12 miles 9 chains (19.5 km) down the line from London Waterloo. The station and all trains serving it are operated by South Western Railway. It is in Travelcard Zone 6.

Where can I buy a Visitor Oyster card in person?

The most convenient place to buy Oyster cards for visitors are Underground stations, including Heathrow Airport. You can pay cash or credit card. However there are no longer manned ticket offices at Underground and DLR stations, you have to buy from a ticket machine.

Can I use Oyster at Kingston station?

Can Oyster cards be used at Kingston station? Yes, you can use Oyster cards at this station.

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Is Kingston in London safe?

Just over a mile south of Richmond, Kingston upon Thames also ranks within the safest areas of London. As a bustling town in its own right, Kingston offers plenty of shops and restaurants, a busy riverside and a notable theatre.

Is Thames Ditton in Oyster zone?

Thames Ditton railway station serves Thames Ditton in the Elmbridge district of Surrey, England. It is served by South Western Railway, and for the purposes of fare charging is in Travelcard Zone 6.

Is Kingston upon Thames posh?

You wouldn’t expect to find homelessness and knife crime in the Royal Borough of Kingston – Upon – Thames. It is usually seen as a posh and affluent area, but amongst the swanky riverside terraces pockets of poverty also exist.

What train line is Kingston on?

The primary operator of trains to Kingston is South Western Railway.

What zone is Kingston University?

Where we are in London. Kingston upon Thames in Greater London is just 10 miles from the centre of the capital, in London Travelcard Zone 6.

Is Oyster cheaper than contactless?

Otherwise an Oyster on a Pay As You Go basis or a Contactless payment card is cheaper. If you are a resident or long-term visitor there are monthly and annual Travelcards. You can load 7 day Travelcards onto an Oyster card and switch between Oyster Pay As You Go and Travelcard as your travel patterns change.

How much is a Visitor Oyster card?

How much does a Visitor Oyster card cost? A Visitor Oyster card costs £5 (plus postage) and is pre-loaded with pay as you go credit for you to spend on travel. You can choose how much credit to add to your card: £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, £40 or £50.

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Is Oyster card free?

If you’re 60 or over and live in a London borough, you can get free travel on our transport services with an Oyster photocard. Who is it for?

Is East Croydon on oyster?

East Croydon station You can top up pay-as-you-go on Oyster using the self service ticket machines. Oyster Cards cannot be purchased at this station.

What zone is Langley?

London Underground Zone 1-6 to Langley (Berks) timetable.

How much is an Oyster card for Zones 1 and 2?

Oyster Card Capped Prices

Select type Day Anytime Price Off Peak Day Price
Adult Zones 1-2 £7.00 £7.00
Adult Zones 1-4 £10.10 £10.10
Adult Zones 1-6 £12.80 £12.80

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