FAQ: How To Get On The Greenwich Housing List?

How do I get on the UK housing list?

You’ll usually have to join a waiting list and you’re not guaranteed to get a property. Ask your council how long you’re likely to have to wait. You can apply if you’re 18 or over (some councils let you apply if you’re 16 or over). You may be able to apply even if you do not live in the area.

How long does it take to get a council house in Greenwich?

The average waiting time for all properties – ranging from one-bedroom studios to four-bedroom houses or larger – was 32.25 months in 2018/19 – more than 2017/18 ( 26.5 months ) and 2016/17 ( 28.25 months ). The council operates a choice-based letting scheme, where applicants bid for properties they are interested in.

How do I bid for Greenwich council house?

To apply for a property by telephone, call the Greenwich Homes bidding line and use the push-button system. You will need to make a new call for each property you wish to apply for. The Greenwich Homes bidding line is also available in a number of community languages. Tamil: 020 8921 4300.

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How do I apply for local authority housing?

You can apply for a home through your local council. They might also call it ‘social housing ‘. If your application is accepted, you’ll go on to a waiting list of people who need a council home. Your council will then prioritise applications based on who needs a home most urgently.

Is Band B good for housing?

Bands B1 and B2 are for people who have an urgent need to move. This includes people who: have serious medical problems affected by their housing. are homeless and in ‘priority need’

Who gets priority for council housing?

The council’s housing allocation policy sets out who gets priority on the waiting list. You must be given some priority or ‘reasonable preference’ if you: are homeless or fleeing violence. live in overcrowded or very bad housing conditions.

What is band 4 on the housing list?

The Housing Allocations Scheme uses a banding system to decide who needs housing the most. Band 1 is for people with the greatest priority and Band 4 is for people with the lowest priority. If you are placed in a higher band you will usually be housed quicker than if you are placed in a lower band.

What is Band 2 in council housing?

Band 2: Medium priority – for example, people who are overcrowded because they lack 2 bedrooms, and people with severe medical problems.

What is priority housing?

The ‘general’ category is for anyone who is eligible for social housing, while the ‘ priority ‘ category applies to people who are eligible for social housing, in urgent need of housing and are unable to address their housing needs in the private rental market due to their complex life circumstances.

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How do you bid on a house?

You can bid (apply) for a property:

  1. On the ELLC Choice Homes website.
  2. Using an ELLC kiosk at East Ham Customer Service Centre.
  3. By calling 0845 650 4125 (at local rate)
  4. By text on 0778 148 6526 (messages are charged at the standard rate).

What happens after viewing a council house?

After you view a property. Usually, you don’t have to accept the property at the viewing stage. We normally offer the property to the bidder in the highest band with the most points. If they are no longer interested it will be offered to the bidder in 2nd place and so on.

How do I bid on a house in Leeds?

How to bid

  1. How to bid.
  2. Alternatively you can place bids by SMS text message to 07786 201241 or use our automated IVR service on (0118) 3151262.
  3. If you are unable to place bids using the website, or by IVR or SMS text message, you can place bids over the phone by calling (0113) 222 4413.

How do you qualify for housing association property?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You’ll be put on a waiting list once you’ve applied.
  2. Priority will be given to those who are homeless, live in overcrowded conditions, are vulnerable, or who need to move on medical or welfare grounds.
  3. Some housing associations provide supported housing for those with specific needs.

What is my bedroom entitlement?

The number of bedrooms allowed for children depends on how old they are and their sex. The bedroom entitlement rules assume that: two children aged 0-9 can share a bedroom whatever their sex. two children aged 0-15 can share a bedroom if they are the same sex.

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Can I get a council house if I leave my husband?

If you have to leave the property, you can apply for housing from your local council as a homeless family.

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