FAQ: How To Get A Council House In Tower Hamlets?

How long does it take to get a council house in Tower Hamlets?

The assessment usually takes up to 40 days. You will then receive an email telling you whether we have accepted your application, if so, your priority band and your bidding number. Until you are rehoused or application is withdrawn or cancelled you must inform us immediately of any change of circumstances.

How do you bid for a council house in Tower Hamlets?

You can bid online by using the Tower Hamlets homeseekers website.

How do you become homeless in Tower Hamlets?

For general queries, please call 0207 364 5000, or email homeless @ towerhamlets.gov.uk.

How do I join the housing list?

To apply for social housing support you must fill in and submit an application form to your local authority. You must apply to the local authority area in which you wish to live. You can get an application form from your local authority’s offices or on their website.

What does Band 2 mean for a council house?

Band 2: Medium priority – for example, people who are overcrowded because they lack 2 bedrooms, and people with severe medical problems.

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What is Band A in housing?

Band A. Band A includes: people living in unsatisfactory housing, from which they have to move because the property is to be demolished or refurbished. tenants who are under-occupying family homes or living in properties with adaptations they do not need.

What happens if you refuse a council house?

If you refuse an offer you may be suspended from the Housing Register for 12 months and no offers will be made during this time. If you have a homeless application with us which has been accepted, we may end our housing duty to you.

What is a housing register?

The housing register is the list of people who qualify for council housing and are waiting to be offered a property.

How do I apply for a council house in Newham?

Apply to join the housing register

  1. You will need a My Newham account.
  2. An email address.
  3. National Insurance numbers for all members of your household included on your application over 16 years old.
  4. Employment details for you and your partner (if applicable) if either or both of you are working at least 16 hours a week.

What is the income limit for hap?

In band 1, covering the four Dublin local authorities as well as Cork City, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow, the maximum annual net income thresholds are €35,000 for a single person and €42,000 for a family with children.

Who is entitled to hap?

To qualify for HAP, a household must be qualified for social housing support by their local authority, which means the household must qualify to go on the local authority housing waiting list. HAP tenants must find their own accommodation in the private rented market.

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