FAQ: How Far Is Harrow From Watford?

Is Watford far from London?

The distance between Watford and London is 15 miles.

How far is Harrow from central London?

Distance between Central London and Harrow is 6051 KM / 3760.2 miles.

How far is Tottenham from Harrow?

The distance between Tottenham and Harrow on the Hill is 12 miles. The road distance is 14.6 miles.

How far is Edgware from Watford?

The distance between Edgware and Watford is 6 miles.

How much is train from Watford to London?

How much is a train ticket from Watford to London by train? Catch the train from Watford to London from just £10.80 one-way when you book in advance.

Can you get the tube from Watford to London?

Train from Watford High Street to London Euston Comprised of 11 lines and 270 stations, the London Underground (known to locals as the Tube ) is the most popular way to navigate the English capital, including to/from Heathrow Airport via the Piccadilly Line.

Is Harrow a rich area?

Rich in history, architecture and culture, Harrow is also rich in the more literal sense – In a recent survey, Harrow was number three on the list of London boroughs with the largest number of millionaires, topped only by Barnet and Kensington & Chelsea.

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Is Harrow a posh area?

Harrow is an awkwardly in between place – not quite the thriving, metropolitan city of London and not quite the serene and beautiful countryside. Instead it’s plonked somewhere in the middle: boring and still kind of noisy.

Is Harrow a safe area?

Harrow -on-the-Hill has eight conservation areas, one of which has a high proportion of listed buildings and Georgian architecture. It is also noteworthy that it’s quite affordable. The crime rate in Harrow is 63 crimes per 1,000 citizens.

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