FAQ: How Can I Get A Transfer From One Social Housing Flat To Another Borough?

How do I transfer to another council borough?

You’ll need to contact your council or housing association and ask for a tenancy transfer. Each council or housing association has their own application process. Check the rules on their website, or call them to ask if you can’t find the information online.

Can I move from one housing association to another?

Housing Moves is the Mayor of London’s scheme which helps social tenants in London relocate to other parts of the capital. All council tenants and housing association tenants can apply for this scheme as long as they have a secure or assured tenancy. To find out more visit the Housing Moves website.

Can I apply for council house in different borough?

You can apply for a home through your local council. They might also call it ‘social housing ‘. If your council has a long waiting list, they might ask if you want to apply for homes in other areas as well. You can be on several waiting lists at the same time and this might increase your chances of getting a home.

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How do you do a council house swap?

You can swap your council or housing association home with another tenant if you follow certain rules and get permission from your landlord. This is often called ‘mutual exchange ‘. Contact your landlord if you’re a housing association tenant and want to swap homes.

Do the council have to rehouse me?

If you’re a private tenant, get help if you’re being evicted. If you’re going to be homeless after the eviction, it’s possible the council will have to rehouse you. If you think the council may have to rehouse you, you shouldn’t move out until the council has confirmed they’re going to rehouse you in writing.

Can the council force you to downsize 2020?

“The council can only advise tenants on the benefits of downsizing. We cannot, and would not, force a tenant who is under-occupying a property to move to a smaller one.”

What is the difference between council house and housing association?

Council houses tend to be cheaper to rent than Housing Association properties on average as housing associations tend to set their rents at either social or affordable rates which class as; social rent – around 50% of local market rent.

What is the 42 day rule?

Landlords must refuse an exchange within the maximum period of 42 days (including weekends). The 42 days commence on the day the application is delivered to their landlord. It would be for the individual landlord to determine their criteria for allowing a mutual exchange.

Do you get money if you give up your council house?

Yes, you could get money if you give up your council house (secure tenancy) or your housing association house to buy a house on the open market. To be able to get any money you must agree to give up your council house or flat which you rent from a council or a housing association.

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Who gets priority for council housing?

The council’s housing allocation policy sets out who gets priority on the waiting list. You must be given some priority or ‘reasonable preference’ if you: are homeless or fleeing violence. live in overcrowded or very bad housing conditions.

What entitles you to a council house?

Councils must have an allocations policy which allows the following groups of people to apply for a council or housing association home: legally homeless people. those living in overcrowded accommodation or very bad housing conditions. people who need to move because of a disability, medical, welfare or hardship

Is Band B good for housing?

Bands B1 and B2 are for people who have an urgent need to move. This includes people who: have serious medical problems affected by their housing. are homeless and in ‘priority need’

Can I take over my mum’s council house?

You should be able to take over the tenancy and stay if the property was your main home and you were living with the person who died for at least a year. If you were married or in a civil partnership with the person who died, you’ll take priority over any other family members.

Can the Council make me move to a smaller property?

Council house tenants in properties bigger than they need could be forced to move into smaller accommodation under the Government’s austerity drive. This will apply where people live in a property that is too large for their needs.

Can someone live with me in my council house?

No, you don’t need to add someone to your tenancy for them to be living with you. The home is yours as long as you pay for it and you can have anyone live in it. You just need to let your landlord know that someone is going to be moving in but you do not need your social housing landlords permission.

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