FAQ: Area Of London Where Steptoe And Son Is Set?

Where was Steptoe rides again filmed?

Scenes. The removal company featured in the film was the then state-owned Pickfords Removals. The greyhound racing scenes were shot at White City Stadium.

What happened to Steptoe and Son?

When the series ended, both actors found that they, like their characters, were trapped together, with the public unwilling to accept them in other roles. When Corbett died from heart disease in 1982, aged just 57, a second Steptoe stage tour of Australia was being planned.

What was the dad called in Steptoe and Son?

The series revolved around father-and-son duo Albert and Harold Steptoe, the titular father and son, who live together in their rag-and-bone yard with their horse Hercules.

Where was Steptoe and Son based?

Steptoe and Son is a British sitcom written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson about a father-and- son rag-and-bone business. They live at Oil Drum Lane, a fictional street in Shepherd’s Bush, London. Four series were broadcast by the BBC from 1962 to 1965, followed by a second run from 1970 to 1974.

Who said dirty old man?

One well-remembered episode features Albert eating a meal while sitting in his bath, earning a rebuke from his son which became a national catchphrase: ” You dirty old man!”

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Who is Steptoe and Son?

Harry H. Corbett Harold Steptoe Wilfrid Brambell Albert Steptoe Joanna Lumley Bunty John Quayle Steptoe and Son / В ролях When Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett, stars of the hit BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son, first met each other in 1962, it marked the beginning of one of the most successful double acts in the history of British television. By the time Corbett died in 1982, the two wished that they had never set eyes on one another.

When did Steptoe and Son go Colour?

Corbett was especially reluctant), BBC1 controller Paul Fox brought Steptoe and Son back for a fifth series in March 1970. It was broadcast in colour for the first time and promoted on the cover of Radio Times. The series began with an episode entitled A Death in the Family.

What does Steptoe mean?

an isolated hill or mountain surrounded by lava.

What was old man Steptoe?

Henry Wilfrid Brambell (22 March 1912 – 18 January 1985) was an Irish television and film actor and comedian, best remembered for his role in the television series Steptoe and Son. He also performed alongside The Beatles in their debut film A Hard Day’s Night, playing the fictional grandfather of Paul McCartney.

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