Often asked: What Is The Sutton Trust Summer School?

Are Sutton Trust summer schools free? The costs of the Summer School are covered by the University and the Sutton Trust so that it is completely free for you to attend. What is the Sutton Trust Programme? We support young people from less advantaged backgrounds to access leading universities and careers. In partnership with universities … Read More

Readers ask: Sutton Where Is It?

Is Sutton in London or Surrey? The London Borough of Sutton is in south west London. The borough was formed in 1965 by merging the Municipal Boroughs of Sutton and Cheam, and Beddington and Wallington, with Carshalton Urban District, which had previously been part of Surrey. Which part of London is Sutton? Sutton is the … Read More

Quick Answer: How Far Is Southwark?

Why is Southwark not a city? Southwark still has vestiges of this because of the connection with the City of London. In 1327 the city acquired from Edward III the original vill of Southwark and this was also described as “the borough”. In 1536 Henry VIII acquired the Bermondsey Priory properties and in 1538 that … Read More