Question: Which Party Won In Barnet?

Is Barnet Council conservative or Labour?

There are 63 members of the London Borough of Barnet. There are currently 38 Conservatives members, 24 Labour members and 1 independent member. This means that Barnet is a Conservative controlled Council. The Leader of the Council is Councillor Daniel Thomas and Councillor David Longstaff is the Deputy Leader.

Who is the MP for Barnet London?

Theresa Villiers

The Right Honourable Theresa Villiers MP
Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet
Assumed office 5 May 2005
Preceded by Sydney Chapman

What constituency is Barnet?

Barnet was a parliamentary constituency in what is now the London Borough of Barnet, which returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Barnet (UK Parliament constituency)

Number of members one
Replaced by Chipping Barnet and South Hertfordshire
Created from St Albans

What is Barnet known for?

“ Barnet is London’s second largest borough and, rather uniquely, boasts the second highest tree population in London, with 32,000 trees of all shapes and sizes lining its streets.”

Who is the leader of Bexley Council?

Councillor Teresa O’Neill OBE – Leader of the Council.

Is Barnet a nice place to live?

High Barnet is especially popular with young families thanks to the abundance of green spaces and good schools. It’s also in demand with young professionals who are looking for quieter areas to call home. The average age of people living in Barnet is 40.

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Who is the MP for Colindale?

Matthew Offord

Matthew Offord MP
Born Matthew James Offord 3 September 1969 Alton, Hampshire, England
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Residence Hendon

How high is high Barnet?

For a London town, Barnet lies very high; the High Street is 427 feet (130 m) above sea level and the surrounding southern land no less than 295 feet (90 m).

Is Colindale safe to live?

GPE aside, it’s a fairly safe place. Possibly something to do with the fact that you’ve got Colindale police station and Hendon police college 2 minutes from the tube station, so the area is normally pretty flush with old bill.

Is Edgware a good place to live?

Now, it’s an affluent commuter town, popular with families – and it’s easy to see why. There is a good supply of semi-detached houses in this area. It’s safe, and relatively green, with good schools – and yet, it’s on the Tube, and is served by night buses, making it easy and quick to get into Central London.

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