Often asked: When Is Bexley Grammar School Test?

What is the pass mark for Bexley 11 plus?

What is the pass mark? The test scores are weighted so that 50% is for verbal ability, and 25% each for numerical and non-verbal ability. The results are standardised: in other words, adapted to take account of your child’s exact age. The highest possible score is 280.

When can I apply for 11 plus exam 2020 Bexley?

Your child must be registered for the Bexley test before the closing date of 3 July 2020 in order to sit the test. Registration for tests in other areas will not be accepted as registration for the Bexley test. The test centres will be in one of the four grammar schools or another secondary school in Bexley.

What score do you need to pass the 11 plus?

In conclusion, it is impossible to say exactly what percentage you need to pass the 11 – plus. However, as an approximate figure, a child will need to score about 80—85% to pass.

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What is the pass mark for 11 plus in Kent?

The Kent 11 – plus pass score is often 320 points, so ‘super selective’ schools ask pupils to score 340 points to claim a place. Kent grammar schools in deprived areas could admit pupils with 300 points, or whatever score worked to fill their desks.

Is Townley Grammar a good school?

Alongside being in 99th place for The Sunday Times Top 150 Secondary Schools, Townley has been ranked as the best school in Bexley by the Evening Standard in January 2019. For more information, please take a look at the Evening Standard article.

How do I apply for Bexley Grammar School?

To apply for your child to sit the selection tests, you need to register them on the Bexley Local Authority website. Registration forms are made available before applications open. You will also need to complete the Common Application Form, where you can list your child’s preferred schools in order.

What is a grammer school?

Grammar schools are state secondary schools that select their pupils by means of an examination taken by children at age 11, known as the “11-plus”. Under the grammar school system, pupils who pass the exam can go to the local grammar, while those who do not go to the local “secondary modern school “.

How many grammar schools are there in Kent?

Kent Grammar Schools

  • Kent grammar schools with an 11 Plus entry are split into two distinct areas.
  • There are thirty two Grammar Schools in Kent (excluding Medway):
  • As Kent only has partial provision of Grammar School places competition for places is high.
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Is a grammar school better?

As such, grammar schools tend to be the highest performing schools in local and national league tables. According to a 2008 report conducted by the Sutton Trust and published on the Grammar Schools Association website, grammar school students perform better in GCSEs than pupils from other schools.

Can you pass 11+ without tuition?

It depends on the area. If you ‘re in a place where 25% of the children go to grammar then he may well be fine with no tutoring but a fair bit of practice on sample papers. If you ‘re in a “super selective” area then it’s a bit more chancy, but some children do still get in with home practice alone.

When should I start preparing my child for 11+?

Don’t start 11 + preparation too soon. You don’t need to begin looking at 11 + questions any earlier than the beginning of Year 5. Twelve months is plenty.

What is the pass rate for Kent Test?

The proportion of Kent boys being found suitable for grammar school by the selection process has been slightly higher than that for girls in recent years; for the 2019 Test, it was 27.1% for boys and 26.2% for girls, but I don’t have this year’s data yet.

What is a good Standardised score?

Standardised scores The average score on most standardised tests is 100. Technically a score above 100 is above average and a score below 100 is below average. About two-thirds of pupils will have standardised scores between 85 and 115.

Should my child sit the 11 plus?

No. There is absolutely no obligation for your child to sit the eleven – plus exam. If you and your child are content with their going to state schools – and if you are not particularly interested in private schools or selective secondary schools – then you don’t need to do anything else.

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