How Many Primary Schools In Bexley?

How many secondary schools are in Bexley?

There are 16 secondary schools in Bexley.

Which London borough has the best primary schools?

Leading the way is the borough of Harrow, where 38% of schools have been rated outstanding. This equates to 30 out of the 78 primary schools in the borough. In terms of the physical number of ‘outstanding’ schools in the borough, Southwark actually comes out on top with 31 achieving the top grade.

How many primary schools are there in the UK?

It states that in 2019 there are 24,323 schools in England, which includes 391 nurseries, 16,769 primary schools, 3,448 secondary schools, 2,319 independent schools, 1,044 special schools and 352 pupil referral units.

How many grammar schools are in Bexley?

There are four grammar schools in Bexley: Bexley Grammar School (Mixed) Beths Grammar School (Boys) Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School (Mixed)

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What is the best secondary school in Greenwich?

The Best Secondary Schools Near Greenwich

School Inspection Rating Type
Blackheath High School GDST 27 Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, London Area, SE3 7AG Independent school
Thomas Tallis School Kidbrooke Park Road, London, SE3 9PX Good Secondary
St Paul’s Way Trust School 125 St Paul’s Way, London, E3 4FT Outstanding Academy

How do I apply for Bexley Grammar School?

To apply for your child to sit the selection tests, you need to register them on the Bexley Local Authority website. Registration forms are made available before applications open. You will also need to complete the Common Application Form, where you can list your child’s preferred schools in order.

Where are the best state schools in the UK?

Top 10 UK State Secondary Schools 2019

  • 7 – Reading School, Reading, Berkshire.
  • 6 – St Olave’s Grammar School, Orpington.
  • 5 – The Tiffin Girl’s School, Kingston upon Thames.
  • 4 – Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.
  • 3 – The Henrietta Barnett School, Hampshire.
  • 2 – Wilson’s School, Wallington.
  • 1 – Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet.

What is the best secondary school in London?

The best secondary state schools in London

  • Mossbourne Community Academy – Lower Clapton.
  • Woodford County High School – Woodford Green.
  • Wallington County Grammar School – Wallington.
  • Queen Elizabeth’s School – Barnet.
  • Wilson’s School – Wallington.
  • Wembley High Technology College – North Wembley.

Where are the best state schools in London?

Here’s a list of ten of the very best:

  • Queen Elizabeeth’s School (Barnet)
  • Wilson’s School (Sutton)
  • Henrietta Barnett School (Barnet)
  • Tiffin Girls’ School (Kingston upon Thames)
  • St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School (Bromley)
  • Tiffin School (Kingston upon Thames)
  • Sutton Grammar for Boys (Sutton)
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What is the largest secondary school in the UK?

Exmouth Community College
Enrolment 2,226
Capacity 2,850
Website http://www.exmouthcollege.devon.sch. uk /

What do they call high school in England?

The first thing to note is that in most parts of the UK, high school is referred to as secondary school. The term high school is more frequently used in Scotland, which is where the term originates.

What are the top schools in the UK?

Here are the best global universities in the United Kingdom

  • University of Oxford.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • University College London.
  • Imperial College London.
  • University of Edinburgh.
  • King’s College London.
  • University of Manchester.
  • University of Bristol.

Is Townley Grammar a good school?

Alongside being in 99th place for The Sunday Times Top 150 Secondary Schools, Townley has been ranked as the best school in Bexley by the Evening Standard in January 2019. For more information, please take a look at the Evening Standard article.

What is the maximum 11+ score?

A “good” score varies depending on the school for which you are aiming. Scores for the 11 Plus exam are standardised scores, meaning the national average is around 100. The average for some areas can be as high as 111. The lowest score will be around 69 or 70 and the highest score is usually 140 or 141.

What is the pass mark for 11 plus exam?

As a guideline, a percentile rank per test of 85 or more indicates a likely pass. This means your child is in the top 15% of all the children taking that particular practice test.

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