Boxpark Croydon welcomes three new stores

There are three new stores open in Boxpark, each more salivating than the next.

The announcement was made that Chicago Rib Shack, Skinny Kitchen and Sweetbean would be the latest editions to the pop-up mall. Recently opened Sweetbean will be dishing up everything from ice-creams, sundaes, pancakes and even speciality teas and coffees. Just some of the things on the menu include the Nutella freakshake and hazelnut gelato.

Skinny Kitchen, as you might guess, offers something a little different to its dessert serving counterpart. Billed as “everyday food with a clean, healthy twist,” will be specialising in tofu, protein shakes and smoothies. Unlike Sweetbean it has not opened yet but is expected to be fully operational by the end of the month. The third and final store is definitely one for the carnivores amongst us. The rib shack is bringing American BBQ to Croydon. Launched in the 80s by Chicago-native Bob Payton, the restaurant already has stores in Clapham, Aldgate East, Leeds and Stratford. On its Clapham menu, the store boasts beef, lamb and baby back ribs, while also loading up some of it fries with fried chicken and a fried egg. People will have to hold out nearly two weeks to taste it at Boxpark though, as the store doesn’t open until March 5.

Source: Croydon Guardian