Croydon’s Warhol Month to take place in September

Croydon’s RISE Gallery has launched ‘Warhol Croydon’, a month of free events as a tribute to Andy Warhol. The American artist, also called the ‘Pope of Pop’, is most famous for pioneering the style Pop Art and was also a film-maker, author and painter.

The centre of Warhol month will be St George’s Walk, where RISE Gallery will be exhibiting the famous artists’ work.  The RISE-organised events will be free with outdoor tributes by The Dotmasters and ‘Popaganda’ artist Ron English participating. Croydonians and visitors can also see:

  • A street exhibition curated by RISE Gallery and Dogmasters featuring tributes to Warhol which will be displayed on town centre buildings and will be lit up at night. There will also be guided tours of the exhibition twice a day.
  • Late night openings of RISE Gallery which will give everyone the opportunity to see the original Warhol artwork exhibited there.
  • Andy Warhol film and documentary screenings, talks and lectures.

Warhol month is backed up by Croydon Council and Croydon Business Improvement District (Croydon BID) and is part of Croydon’s ongoing cultural regeneration. This is not the first time RISE Gallery has brought original artworks by renowned artists to Croydon – Damien Hirsts and Banksy have also been featured in the gallery.

Tickets are free but due to the huge demand need to be booked. You can book here.