Housebuilding company Brick by Brick shortlisted in five awards

Brick By Brick, the independent developing company set up by Croydon Council, has been shortlisted in five separate categories at the Inside Housing Development Awards.

To help combat the UK’s ongoing housing crisis, the firm seeks to deliver high quality, affordable homes for those in Croydon, their goal being 1,000 new homes by 2019. Furthermore, any gains from this development growth they intend to keep within the borough, so that Croydon itself can continue to benefit.  Colm Lacey, Managing Director and CEO of Brick by Brick, explained that “our ultimate aim is to create properly designed, affordable housing in Croydon”.

400-600 new homes have already been promised on the land surrounding the Whitgift Centre, and in February 2016, over 70 new families had moved into newly built council homes, 34 of which had previously been homeless.

Over 50 sites were identified in Croydon for potential builds, and progress has already been made in some of these areas, largely with the help of Brick By Brick.