Stunning mural of Amy Winehouse appears in Croydon town centre

A talented Thornton Heath street artist has explained the inspiration for creating a stunning piece of street art in Croydon town centre which pays tribute to singer Amy Winehouse.

Print-maker Bareface, who keeps his true identity a secret, took part in a street art jam which was organised by RISE Gallery to recognise Croydon’s musical talents. Using wheatpaste billboard paper, Bareface used a pre-printed design of Winehouse and pasted it along part of St George’s Walk at about 6am this morning (Sunday). He said: “Traditional, illegal, street art would be done at the crack of dawn so this felt quite right – although it was done legally. I’m quite a short guy so reaching all the areas with the roller was a bit challenging at times, I’m sure the bus drivers looking on had a good chuckle.”

Wheatpaste, which is a gel or liquid adhesive made from wheat flour or starch and water, can be used for various arts and crafts such as book binding, collages, papier-mâché and, in Bareface’s case, adhering paper posters to walls. Bareface explained that he is a long-term admirer of Winehouse’s music, and when he was told about the theme for the street art jam – he felt it was a simple decision to draw on Winehouse’s Croydon links, given that she attended the BRIT School, in Selhurst.

The design, which took a few hours to get stuck up, shows a side-on look of Winehouse’s face alongside the title of one of her hit songs, Tears Dry On Their Own, and Bareface spoke about why he chose that particular song. He added: “It is one of my favourite songs from her Back To Black album, it has a real retro feel and it is about overcoming heartache and heartbreak, reminiscing about the good times and it has the message to say you will get through it and have better days. Hopefully it will stay up for as long as the weather will allow it.”

Bareface also revealed some details about more projects he has planned around Croydon. He said: “This was the first wheatpaste art I have done in Croydon, and there is definitely going to be more to come. I am planning another mural near Thornton Heath’s High Street as part of the regeneration programme – which will hopefully be up by September 3.”

Source: Croydon Advertiser